Audition Notice – Sunday 10 December @ 4-00

The Wicked Lady; by Bryony Lavery, Directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner

Main Stage Friday 13th April to Saturday 21st April 2018.

Bryony Lavery’s Wicked Lady contains a mass of characters who appear at times as one grotesque clump at others divided into smaller groups commenting on the action like a Greek chorus.  My vision is to bring aspects of physical theatre to this group with choreographed movement, lifts and clowning.

Due to the range of characters in the play, auditions will be for a place in the company rather than specific roles, although everyone will be given an opportunity to read a few different roles.

The audition process will begin with a movement workshop, if you are uncertain of the physical demands of the piece you are very welcome to join us for the workshop before making your decision.  The movement for the production will be developed to match the capabilities of the cast so do not be put off auditioning if you are not a confident mover.

To cover the range of characters I am looking to cast approximately 8 women and 9 men.  There are roles for a teenage boy (19) and a younger girl, so younger actors are welcome to audition. The expected breakdown of roles is as follows:

Female Ensemble 1 : 40 + to play roles including Mrs Cotterell

Female Ensemble 2: 16-20 to play roles including Joan

Female Ensemble 3: 40+ to play roles including Mrs Munce

Female Ensemble 4: 20s-30s to play roles including Prince (requires confident physicality or puppetry skills)

Female Ensemble 5: 20s-30s to play roles including Molly

Female Ensemble 6: 20+ to play roles including Henrietta

Female Ensemble 7: 20+ to play roles including Barbara Skelton

Female Ensemble 8: 30+ to play roles including Paulina


Male Ensemble 1: 40+ to play roles including Mr Cotterell

Male Ensemble 2: 16-20 to play roles including Ned

Male Ensemble 3: 40+ to play roles including Parson

Male Ensemble 4: 20+ to play roles including Roger

Male Ensemble 5: 20+ to play roles including Kit Locksby

Male Ensemble 6: 40+ to play roles including Barbara’s Father

Male Ensemble 7: 50+ to play roles including Sir Ralph Skelton

Male Ensemble 8: 40+ to play roles including Hogarth

Male Ensemble 9: 30+ to play roles including Captain Jerry Jackson

For more information or to borrow a copy of the script please contact the Director: Jessica-Ann Jenner

07803504213   jessicaannjenner@gmail.com

Please note, this production is our entry into the Bromley and Kent Full Length Play Festivals, if you have undertaken paid acting work you will not be able to join us on this occasion.  As part of the company you will be expected to become a member of Bromley Little Theatre and to attend and support other societies who are part of the festival.


Auditions have already been held for our January – March shows in 2018. Other dates for the rest of the season are shown below, more details to follow. All auditions will be held at the theatre:

May (In the Bar) – The Wasp – Sunday 10 December @ 12 Noon

 May (Main Stage) – Honeymoon Suite – Sunday 10 December @ 2-00

 June (Main Stage) – Rabbit Hole – Sunday 14 January @ 2-00

 June (In the Bar) – Snake in the Grass – Sunday 14 January @ 12 Noon

 July (Main Stage) – Pygmalion – Sunday 14 January @ 4-00

 September (Double Bill In the Bar) – Edgar and Annabel and Joseph K – Sunday 15 April @ 12 Noon

 September (Main Stage)- Entertaining Angels  – Sunday 15 April @ 2-00

 October (Main Stage) – King Charles 111 – Sunday 15 April @ 4-00

 November (In the Bar) – Blink – Sunday 3 June @ 12 Noon

 November (Main Stage) – Gaslight – Sunday 3 June @ 2-00

 December (Main Stage) – A Comedy of Errors – Sunday 3 June @ 4-00

Our auditions are open to everyone but if you are chosen for a part you will have to become a member – before your first rehearsal. The same goes for all backstage crew and anybody who wishes to use the theatre’s facilities.