latest fund raising news

In 2017 we raised an estimated £22,969 – a fantastic start to our reBuiLT campaign. A big thank you to all who donated and our volunteers who worked so hard. And very special thanks to those members who made larger cash donations like Christine Wilson, who made a substantial donation in memory of her husband Howard – an extremely active member until his death in 2011. Huge thanks also to a couple of long-standing members who recently donated £1000.

There’s lots of fund-raising activity planned for 2018 – read on for details. If you could help or have any ideas, click here.

Let’s play BLoTto!

Some years ago BLT operated a ‘Draw Club’ called The 401 Club in which members paid in regularly and became eligible for entry into a monthly prize draw. The prize was a proportion of the cash paid in that month. Entrance to the draw was by paying £1 (or multiples of £1) and the total deposited became the pool out of which the prize was awarded.

We’re now considering a similar scheme to raise money for our Rebuilt campaign. This would involve people making either a one-off annual payment or a regular monthly payment by direct debit. The amount of each stake would be determined after consultation with members and the monthly prize would be a fixed proportion of the total amount paid into the scheme each month. There would be three cash prizes paid out each month. A sort of ‘BLoTto’, if you will!

We think this would be an easy way for members to contribute and could generate a substantial amount of money to the fund.

As part of our investigations into running such a scheme we’d like to know…

Would you be interested in supporting such a project?
How much would you be prepared to contribute per month?
Do you have any suggestions of alternative ways of us attempting to raise money (for instance, would you prefer us to carry on running a raffle each month)?

Please email your responses and any other comments here

Help us bag donations at M&S

Over Christmas, the Glades branch of Marks and Spencer let charities raise money by packing shoppers’ bags at the tills. Apparently, those that took part did very well.

M&S have now offered BLT the chance to raise funds by packing shoppers’ bags over the Easter and Mother’s Day weekends. They’re also letting us do some collecting outside their entrance and give out flyers etc.

This could help us enormously, but we need your support. If you’d be willing to give up a couple of hours on the Saturdays before Easter and Mother’s Day, please email us now

The Co-op Local Community Fund

This is a fundraising scheme that runs until October 2018. It requires only that you join the Co-op and then once you have your card and membership number, to register BLT as your chosen charity. A percentage of everything that you spend on Co-op branded products will then be allocated to our charity fund. What’s more, there is a dividend paid to you, so you should be able to recoup your £1 membership fee very quickly.

If you shop at the two Co-op stores at Farwig Lane and Bromley Common and nominate BLT as your charity of choice, you’ll help us raise money? If you are not a Co-op member please join here. It only costs £1 but it could help us raise a lot more than that!

We’re hoping to do a publicity push at both shops very soon, so why not come along and help? For more details please email us

Just Giving

Our Just Giving page is yet another way of donating to BLT. For more details click here or follow the links on our website.

The Big Give

We have also very recently added BLT’s name to a site for large donors called The Big Give. At this stage we are not expecting the really big donors to be pushing much money in our direction, however we felt it was as well to be set up and ready just in case. So if during your Christmas festivities you find yourself hobnobbing with any big movers and shakers with large pockets, please feel free to mention that we can be easily found by going to The Big Give site and searching for ‘Bromley Little Theatre’.

Aviva Community Fund – update

As you probably know, BLT was a finalist in the Aviva Community Fund competition. Unfortunately we didn’t win the £25,000 prize, which would have helped enormously towards fixing our leaky roof. But we were awarded a consolation payment of £500 so we didn’t come away empty handed – every little helps as Tesco says (other supermarket brands are available)!

We polled very well, but not quite enough to get us over the line ahead of the field, so many thanks to everyone who voted for us and also to Brownhills Insurance Group for all their support and encouragement.

….and finally

We are considering our Sunday Night Variety programme for 2018 but if there is something that you would like to suggest that would in your opinion draw a crowd please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Don’t forget the spare change tin on the bar counter is now available for you to get rid of your old £1 coins. We have already collected a significant amount and would be delighted to receive many many more.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has contributed in some way towards our efforts in this first year of fundraising for the Bromley Little Theatre Development Appeal.

We have several ideas in the pipeline to keep up the pressure and hope that next year will see us start to put together some applications for substantial amounts from some of the larger trusts.

Our successes so far this year should stand us in good stead as we begin the real fundraising work in 2018!