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The Breath Of Life

In the bar24/05/2017 - 28/05/2017Frances was the dutiful wife of Martin. Madeleine was his not-so-dutiful mistress of 25 years. Now Martin has moved to America with a younger woman, so the two enemies meet face to face at last, to discuss their relationships with the elusive man by whom they refuse to be defined. Together they explore the past, realising they must learn to feel the breath of life again. This is a riveting play packed with electric tension, quick wit and raw humour.

Of Mice And Men

Main Auditorium09/06/2017 - 17/06/2017Steinbeck’s own stage version of his classic award-winning novel, tells the moving story of George and Lenny – the fast-talking farm hand and the simple giant who accompanies him on a life of casual labour in 1930s California. Their dream is to have ‘a little place of their own’ and ‘to live off the fat of the land’ but ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ often go awry and lives change irrevocably.

Nell Gwynn

Main Auditorium07/07/2017 - 15/07/2017London, 1660: King Charles II has exploded on to the scene with a love of all things loud, extravagant and sexy. And at Drury Lane, a young Nell Gwynn is causing stirrings amongst the theatregoers. Nell Gwynn charts the rise of an unlikely heroine, from her roots in Coal Yard Alley to her success as Britain’s most celebrated actress and her hard-won place in the heart of the King. But at a time when women were second-class citizens, can her charm and spirit protect her from the dangers of the Court?

YOUTH SHOW: Arabian Nights

Main Auditorium20/07/2017 - 22/07/2017When King Shahrayar discovers his wife has been unfaithful he vows to marry a new wife a night before beheading them at sunrise. A thousand girls perish until Shaharazad volunteers to marry the King. On their wedding night she asks one favour of her new husband: to tell her sister one last story...

Four Nights in Knaresborough

Main Auditorium15/09/2017 - 23/09/2017Forget everything you think you already know about that murder of that man in that cathedral. This is what happened next. Four men who have just made the worst career move in history. Four men on the run. Holed up in a draughty castle. For a year. What could possibly go wrong?


In the bar27/09/2017 - 01/10/2017Jezebel is a clever comedy about the dumb consequences of hot sex meeting cold statistics. Alan and Robin are a go-getting couple who want to spice up their sex life. Jezebel is a woe-fretting singleton who’s looking to get one. Could a threesome be the answer to all their problems? A light-hearted lesson in what not to do when your sex life needs saving.

Great Britain

Main Auditorium13/10/2017 - 21/10/2017Bean’s play, inspired by the phone hacking trial, provides a hefty kick up the backside of modern Britain. The cosily corrupt connections between the press, police and politics are the key targets providing a loud, rambunctious, foul-mouthed entertainment, packed with lurid characters and vulgar jokes. Please note: this play is not for the faint-hearted!

Hedda Gabler

Hedda Gabler

Main Auditorium10/11/2017 - 18/11/2017Hedda Gabler returns, dissatisfied, from a long honeymoon. Bored by her aspiring academic husband, she foresees a life of tedious convention. And so, she begins to manipulate the fates of those around her to devastating effect.



In the bar22/11/2017 - 26/11/2017A group of teenagers do something bad - really bad - then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they find that the cover-up unites them and brings harmony to their otherwise fractious lives, where is the incentive to put things right? DNA is a poignant and sometimes hilarious tale with a very dark heart.

Treasure Island

Main Auditorium08/12/2017 - 16/12/2017It’s a dark and stormy night. Jim, the innkeeper’s granddaughter, opens the door to a terrifying stranger. At the old sailor’s feet sits a huge chest, full of secrets. Jim invites him in - and her dangerous voyage begins. Pirates, treasure, grog, peril, secrets and betrayal are all woven into a fast-paced, funny, dangerous show.