Debbie Griffiths in BLT's December 2014 production of 'Great Expectations', directed by Pauline Armour.Debbie Griffiths in BLT’s December 2014 production of ‘Great Expectations’, directed by Pauline Armour.

Fri 5 – Sat 13 December (not Sun 7) at 7.45pm


Great  Expectations

by Charles Dickens. Adapted for the stage by Neil Bartlett

Directed by Pauline Armour

Great Expectations is one of the world’s most read and loved novels. Indeed, Dickens himself felt that it was his best work, calling it “a very fine idea”. And now Neil Bartlett has created a powerful stage version of this great story using only Dickens’ extraordinary words and a cast of eight actors.

From its opening image of Pip, alone on the windswept marshes, to the haunted darkness of Miss Havisham’s cobweb-strewn lair, Bartlett’s inventive and atmospheric adaptation brings to thrilling, theatrical life this classic exploration of childhood terrors and hopes and adult dreams and regrets.

With a minimalist setting, multi-role playing, imaginative lighting and recurrent sounds, this production provides a strong theatrical experience.

Great Expectations


Pip – Pete Ditchburn
Magwitch/Sarah Pocket/A Sergeant – Howie Ripley
Mrs Joe/Biddy/Wemmick – Debbie Griffiths
Joe Gargery/Mr Jaggers/Bentley Drummle – Andy Solts
Estella – Hazal Han
Miss Havisham/A Soldier – Alison Green
Herbert Pocket/Mr Wopsle/Compeyson – Giles Tebbitts
Mr Pumblechook – Jane Amos-Davidson