In The Bar Thu 29 Sep – Sun 2 Oct 2016 at 7.45pm



by Dennis Kelly

Directed by Tony Jenner

A quiet night in for Helen and Danny. A romantic meal for two to celebrate the news of Helen’s second pregnancy. Helen’s brother, Liam, turns up unannounced and unexpected. And covered in blood …

Highly-acclaimed at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival, Orphans is a psychological thriller that explores the conflict between family ties and moral responsibility.

Questioning the dark lengths to which we are all capable of going, Orphans is a gritty, urban drama laced with dark humour and full of suspense as it questions loyalty, family and morality.  After the repercussions of the recent referendum, it is an especially relevant examination of the class and race war raging within Britain today.


Helen : Laura Ings Self
Danny : Josh Ellison
Liam : George Brown

“Dennis Kelly‘s play grips you tight, like a mugger in a knife-point robbery.”