About stage management

Each show has several very important roles that need to be filled. The Stage Management team are vital. Here’s who they are, and what they do.

In larger theatres, the Stage Manager runs the stage and the Deputy Stage Manager runs the show. So the Stage Manager looks after the process of getting the show onto the stage – set design and construction and changing sets during a show. At BLT we don’t have complex sets so the Stage Manager takes on the role of a Deputy Stage Manager. We typically have one Assistant Stage Manager during the dress rehearsals and the run to move props, check costumes over as actors go on etc.

stage manager (SM)

During rehearsals, the Stage Manager takes note of cues, moves etc in the script. Once the show is in performance, the SM’s job is to ensure props (items needed by the actors) are in place, check the stage to make sure everything is where it should be, give cues to the sound effects and lighting operators, communicate with Front of House and generally run the show.

assistant stage manager (ASM)

Also attends rehearsals, sources props, notes where and when they should be used and ensures they’re in place. May also be required to move scenery and/or onstage furniture, depending on the show.

rehearsal prompt

Attends rehearsals and follows the script, prompting actors when they forget their lines.