We have specifically chosen plays that can be staged in a way which maintains social distancing  and uses the minimum of props. As our capacity is much reduced to ensure social distancing in the auditorium we have extended our run to 11 nights to give more of our members a chance to buy a ticket.

HANDBAGGED by Moira Buffini, directed by Dan Armour

Playing dates: Thursday 4 February to Sunday 14 February at 7-45. (performances on both Sundays)

The Queen has met with every prime minister each week that she has been in London since  coming to the throne in 1952. In Moira Buffini’s imagined account of those weekly meetings from 1979 to 1990 between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher, she concocts a delicious, bitter–sweet confection of what might well have transpired on those tricky Tuesday afternoons – complemented by a dazzling cast of national and international politicians and personalities. Recapture your memories of that period – laugh, groan, smirk, applaud, maybe shed a few tears – but above all have a fun night out back at BLT. The cast includes:

 Pauline Armour, Julie Binysh, Debbie Griffiths, Sue Higginson, Dave Oatley, Howie Ripley


PHOTOGRAPH 51 by Anna Ziegel. directed by Scott James

Playing dates: Thursday 4 March to Sunday 14 March at 7-45. (performances on both Sundays)

Does Rosalind Franklin know how precious her photograph is? In the race to unlock the secret of life it could be the one to hold the key. With rival male scientists looking everywhere for the answer, who will be the first to see it and, more importantly, understand it? Anna Ziegler’s thrilling play looks at the woman who cracked DNA’s double helix and asks what is sacrificed in the pursuit of science, love and a place in history. First performed to great acclaim in the UK in London’s West End in 2015 with Nicole Kidman playing Rosalind Franklin.

Auditions: (Cast breakdown)

Rosalind Franklin – playing age 30/40 –  she is a dedicated, pioneering scientist, single minded, passionate about her work

Maurice Wilkins – playing age   40/45  he is dedicated to his work, cut off from life outside science,  complex relationship with Franklin

James Watson – playing age late 20s – he is an American scientist, self confident, cocky, determined  to win the DNA race

Francis Crick – playing age 30s – he is has wit and humour, he balances a philosophical with a scientific approach to life, he works closely with Watson.

Ray Gosling – playing age 20s – he is Franklin’s assistant, although lesser known in the 1950s he is rather an unsung hero as he was responsible for the photography work which captured  Photograph 51.

Don Caspar – playing age 30s –  an American, he overtly admires Franklin as a scientist and woman, balances Watson’s competitiveness with openness and warmth.

If you are interested in auditioning for this fascinating play please contact our Artistic Director, Pauline Armour (armourgg19@gmail.com  07984722308) who will organise an audition date and time and audition pieces. You will be sent an electronic  PDF script for audition purposes.

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