Another 2 opportunities to be in a filmed performance

‘Wilde Wilde Women’ inspired by the plays of Oscar Wilde. As Wilde is in the public domain, a project which takes scenes from his plays celebrating in particular his fantastic female characters (though his male characters will be included) would film well as they are quite static and rely upon the sparkling language. If you are interested in being involved in a Wilde project please let Pauline Armour know by 1 February at the latest so that scenes can be planned around the actors who wish to participate. Again we can share this work with all of our members and the use of green screens will allow us to standardise the background filmed in individual homes and rehearsed over ZOOM.

We are also looking at the play ‘Dinner with Friends’ by Donald Margulies suggested by Hilary Cordery which might lend itself to a ’Staged’ type approach. Any suggestions for play scripts that might work in this way will be greatly appreciated and also the offer to lead on a project would be welcomed.

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