Appeal for Information on Arts Groups

A message from Keith Jeremiah, our Chairman:-

Looking Forward – with your help

You don’t need me to tell you that the mental strains and isolation of the past year have had a devastating effect on many people and organisations, but I hope you will agree with me that there is much we can do to try to make it easier for those affected to recover and to rebuild their life.

BLT has reached out to the Bromley Arts Trust (formerly Bromley Arts Council) and to other local Arts related groups and there is a strong shared commitment to encouraging groups to collaborate and to recruit as many people as possible in the area to engage in creative activities of some form or another.

Our first step is to identify groups and societies, large or small, who are active in the Borough.  Quite a number are already affiliated to the Bromley Arts Trust and will be contacted by them.  However, we feel sure that many of those who support or follow BLT online will also be active in various other creative ways, be it painting, music, dance, crafts, oral history, poetry or prose writing, origami, etc etc.

If you do belong to such a group, please let me know at keithj@bromleylittletheatre.org, so that they can be added to the list and invited to take part in possible future publicity and events.

I would also like to hear from anyone who would be interested in contributing to this effort to revitalise the artistic life of Bromley and its residents.

Please note that, if you do offer to help, your contact details will be stored on computer and may be shared with the other organisations involved in this initiative; they will not be passed to any other organisation or individual; you can request their removal from the list of helpers at any time and this will be done as quickly as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith Jeremiah

Chairman, Bromley Little Theatre

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