Archive news – John H Leather

Thanks to Peter Yolland who found it on ebay, we now have another piece of BLT history to add to our growing knowledge of the past.

The above booklet was a special presentation gift made to John H. Leather by the BLT Players and staff on the last night of the final production in May 1939 of Measure for Measure.

It has a leather cover and contains pages that show each production between 1938-39 with the cast members on the rear. The pages are tied together by a black tape. 

If anyone knows anymore about John Leather, please contact us.

For those who are interested in the real detail:-

The booklet also contains a list of the plays in 1938/39:-

Jonah and The Whale by James Bridie

Tuesday 27th September 1938 to Sunday 2nd October 1938 at 8.15pm with cast list.

The Likes of Her by Charles McEvoy

Tuesday 25th October 1938 to Sunday 30th October 1938 at 8.15pm with cast list.

The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice

Tuesday 22nd November 1938 to Sunday 27th 1938 at 8.15pm with cast list.

Dandy Dick by A.W. Pinero

Tuesday 13th December 1938 to Sunday 30th 1938 at 8.15pm and Special Matinee Saturday 17th December 1938 with cast list.

Fanny’s First Play by George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday 10th January 1939 to Sunday 15th January 1939 at 8.15pm with cast list.

Eden End by J.B. Priestley

Tuesday 31st January 1939 to Sunday 5th February 1939 at 8.15pm with cast list.

Tonight at 8.30 by Noel Coward

Tuesday 28th February 1939 to Sunday 12th March 1939 at 8.15pm with cast lists.

A series of Coward’s short works: Hands Across The Sea, Still Life, Ways And Means, Fumed Oak and We Were Dancing.

Kind Lady by Edward Chodorov

Tuesday 28th March 1939 to Sunday 2nd April 1939 at 8.15pm with cast list.

Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

Tuesday 2nd May 1939 to Sunday 7th May 1939 at 8.15pm with cast list.

Tonight by Noel Coward, performed in February/March 1939, was in fact a series of scenes from his plays and lasted two weeks rather than the then usual six days.

The December 1938 production of Dandy Dick had an additional matinee performance.