The Springtime of Others Jean Jacques Bernard
The Man Who Ate the Popomack W J Turner
Trapeze in the Vatican Kurt Johannes
Hello Out There William Saroyan
The Figures on the Cross R H Ward
French for Love Marguerite Steen and Derek Patmore
Music at Night J B Priestley
The Unattainable W Somerset Maugham
Less Than Kind Francois Mauriac
Heartbreak House George Bernard Shaw
The Black Eye James Bridie


Spring Meeting M J Farrell and John Perry
I Said to Myself Florida Scott Maxwell
An Inspector Calls J B Priestley
Pilate at Bromley Parish Church H D C Pepler
Mademoiselle Jacques Duval
The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles George Bernard Shaw
All’s Well That Ends Well William Shakespeare
Candida George Bernard Shaw
In a Glass Darkly Hugh Ross Williamson
Dr. Knock Jules Romain
Shall We Join the Ladies J M Barrie
“Michael Eale, The Maniac Lover” Thomas Egerton Wilks


“The Birth, Death and Life of Mr Eno” C K Munro
Mr Bolfry James Bridie
Tomorrow’s Child John Coates
The Moon in Yellow River Dennis Johnston
The Golden Sovereign Laurence Houseman
Four Anniversary Plays …(An Evening of One Act Plays)
Nichevo S Mackenzie and C Baddeley
Shadow and Substance Paul Vincent Carroll
“Goodness, How Sad” Robert Morley
Recital of Modern Expressive Ballet Evelyn Ippen and Bettina Vernon
Not For Children Elmer Rice
Not For Adults …(Christmas Revue)


Getting Married George Bernard Shaw
Gaslight Patrick Hamilton
Two’s Company Wilfred Bentley
House of Regrets Peter Ustinov
International Entertainment Otto Lampel
It Depends What You Mean James Bridie
Spring Tide George Billam and J B Priestley
Gammer Gurton’s Needle Mr S “””””Master of the Art”””””
The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden Thornton Wilder


Dance With No Music Rodney Acland
War Time Variety Company Compilation    
Close Quarters W O Sonim
Laburnum Grove J B Priestley