The Song of Songs Jean Giraudoux
A Resounding Tinkle N F Simpson
Pyrrhus Had Three Wives  Blair
Beginning and End David Shellan
The Waltz of the Toreadors Jean Anouilh
Treasure Hunt M J Farrell and John Perry
Something to Hide Leslie Sands
Babes in the Wood James Bridie


The Long Echo Lesley Storm
Country Matters Alex Rawlins
The Original Hermione R D Partridge
Meeting at Nigh James Bridie
The Typewriter Jean Cocteau
Arms and the Man George Bernard Shaw
The Double Dealer William Congreve
The Other Cinderella Nicholas Stuart Gray
The Queen’s Comedy James Bridie


The Prisoner Bridget Boland
The Man Upstairs Patrick Hamilton
Tartuffe Moliere
Oedipus Rex  Sophocles
The Bald Prima Donna Eugene lonesco
What Say They? James Bridie
The Noble Spaniard W Somerset Maugham
The Waiting of Lester Abbs Kathleen Sully
Someone Waiting Emlyn Williams
Ghost for Sale Ronad Jeans


The School for Wives  Moliere
A Matter of Fact Michael Clayton Hutton
The Philanderer George Bernard Shaw
Duet in Floodlight J B Priestley
The Queen and the Rebels Ugo Betti
Lottie Dundass Enid Bagnold
Lola Peter Philp
Blithe Spirit Noel Coward
Hearts and Faces (an evening with Rosalinde Fuller) Rosalinde Fuller


Antigone Jean Anouilh
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern W S Gilbert
The Castle of Deception Peter Philp
Tonight at . Noel Coward
Miss Mabel R C Sherriff
Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw
Marriage Story Jacques Duval
Moonshine John Coates
Satellite Story Anthony Booth
Cupid and Psyche Benn W Levy


Hay Fever Noel Coward
The Devil Benn W Levy
Spark in Judea R F Delderfield
In Camera Jean Paul Satre
The Tinker’s Wedding J M Synge
Ill Met By Moonlight Michael Macliammoir
The Orchard Walls R F Delderfield
Anastasia Marcelle Maurett
Written for a Lady Leo Marks


The Tragedy of Man John Masefield
The Fading Mansion Donagh McDonagh (Anouilh)
Present Laughter Noel Coward
Queen Elizabeth Hugs Ross Williamson
Clutterbuck Benn W Levy
The Late Edwin Black William Dinner and William Morum
After My Fashion Diana Morgan
The Two Virtues Alfred Sutro
I Have Been Here Before J B Priestley


One More River Ashley Dukes
La Voix Humaine Jean Cocteau
Corinth House Pamela Hansford Johnson
The Mortal Bard C F Webber
Spark in Judea R F Deldertield
Temple Folly Bridges Boland
Lady Precious Stream S I Ilsiune
Ghosts Henrik Ibsen
Journey to Earth Bridget Boland
The Breadwinner W Somerset Maugham
Engaged W S Gilbert


The Seven Deadly Virtues Hugh Ross Williamson
The Intruder Francois Mauriac
The Clandestine Marriage George Coleman and David Garrick
Two Dozen Red Roses Kenneth Home
Too Good To Be True George Bernard Shaw
Come Live With Me Dorothy Christie and Campbell Christie
Dangerous Corner J B Priestley
Frolic Wind Richard Pryce
Libel Edward Wooll


She Had To Do Something Sean O’Faolain
The Long Mirror J B Priestley
Prison Without Bars Peggy Barwell
The Warrior’s Husband Julian Thompson
The Portuguese Bride Stephen Fox
The Young Idea Noel Coward
Take Two from One G & M Martinez Sierra
Midsummer Night Lajos Biro
Antigone Jean Annouilh
The Switchback James Bridie
Trelawny of the ‘Wells’ A W Pinero