‘THE TROJAN WOMEN’, our entry to the KDA Audio Play Festival, is nearing completion thanks to the hard work and patience of our actors and wonderful technical team. They have shown such dedication and perseverance to get it right and make it sound as if we are all outside the walls of Troy and not scattered around South East London and Kent hidden in wardrobes, shrouded with duvets to dub down the sound. Now it’s the ‘big edit’ to add the atmospheric sound effects. Once the recording has been submitted to the Festival at the end of March, we will share it on Youtube with you all so that you can hear for yourselves what we have been up to in this most recent ‘lockdown’.

OUR YOUTH THEATRE PROJECT, which is based on the play ‘Chat Room’, is also nearing completion. We will also be introducing a range of exciting workshop options after the February half-term break.

‘HANDBAGGED’ rehearsals continue over ZOOM and we are poised and ready to get it onto the stage as soon as restrictions are lifted and we can welcome you back to the theatre.

PLAY READINGS that have taken place so far in February have all proved popular with readers and listeners and we are planning more for March – though some in a slightly different format.

We are planning to read (and please see links for details): –

  • QUIZ’ by James Graham – about the coughing major from ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’.;
  • ‘THE SEA’, the classic Edward Bond play; and,
  • YOUR SUGGESTIONS: If you have a favourite play that you would like to suggest for a play reading please send your idea to Pauline for consideration armourgg19@gmail.com

‘WILDE, WILDE WOMEN’ We have started to work on an Oscar Wilde project called ‘Wilde, Wilde Women’ taking 12 scenes from his plays and working on them with over 20 actors. This project will be filmed over ZOOM and be available for you to watch from the middle of March.

CELEBRATION FOR SHAKESPEARE’S BIRTHDAY Work has begun on a Celebration for Shakespeare’s birthday on April 23 with a large group of actors contributing ideas – songs, sketches, dramatic and comedic excerpts – all things Shakespearian.

AND… Several other members have ideas in progress for small-cast plays that will film well over ZOOM – watch this space for details.

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