A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen ( A new version by Samuel Adamson)


Performance dates: October 10 -19 (not Sunday)

Directed by Pauline Armour

On10 August this year journalist, Susanna Rustin, writing about A Doll’s House in the Guardian, asked why this play about a Norwegian housewife is so enduring. There have been three major productions in just over a year with the Young Vic award winning production now revived for the second time at the Duke of York’s Theatre in the West End with Hattie Morahan recreating her greatly acclaimed performance of Nora.

The popularity of the play endures partly because the themes that Ibsen explored in 19th Century Norway have a timeless quality which continue to resonate with us today and retain their ability to shock. Anyone who has been in a difficult relationship can relate to the universal anxieties of money, honesty, love and betrayal. Samuel Adamson’s script retains all of Ibsen’s spellbinding plot and combines it with emotionally thrilling dialogue so that the play goes far beyond a straightforward feminist clarion call and becomes a complex study of two people who both have to reconstruct their identities. It doesn’t really work for the ‘sweet little skylark’ to suddenly turn into Emily Pankhurst – it is much more the story of a marriage where love is broken by betrayal. A sexy, passionate interpretation of Ibsen – challenging and truthful.

The role of Nora is often compared with Hamlet, partly because she hardly ever leaves the stage; but mainly because of the epic emotional journey she travels during the course of the play. In our BLT production Laura Kenward will certainly rise to the challenge of Nora and working with Howie Ripley playing her husband Torvald we can expect performances of great emotional strength. The whole cast is ready for the demands of this challenging piece of theatre and we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.


Cast of A Dolls House

Nora Helmer – Laura Kenward

Torvald Helmer – Howie Ripley

Kristine Lind – Maleesha Adjaye-Tabansi

Nils Krogstad – David Lucas

Dr Rank – Tom Collins

Anne- Marie – Jan Greenhough


There will be 6 children playing Emmy and Ivor alternating performances.