PLAZA SUITE by Neil Simon


by Neil Simon

Fri 8 – Sat 16 November 2013 at 7.45pm (not Sun 10)

Directed by Paul Campion

One of the greatest-ever Broadway comedies, ‘Plaza Suite’ consists of three ‘playlets’, all set in the same suite at New York’s Plaza Hotel.

  • First occupants are Sam and Karen Nash, a middle-aged couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. Karen hopes the stay will rekindle their fading relationship. But Sam’s interest lies elsewhere…
  • Then there’s Jesse Kiplinger, a successful Hollywood producer who entices his childhood sweetheart Muriel (now a suburban housewife) up to the suite, thinking she will be putty in his hands.  But Muriel proves to be not quite what he expected…
  • Finally we meet Roy and Norma Hubley who are celebrating their daughter’s wedding. There’s just one problem: the bride has locked herself in the bathroom and refuses to come out…

‘Plaza Suite’ is Neil Simon at his very best – hilarious, sparkling comedy with the sadness of failed relationships just beneath the surface.

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Karen Nash : Debbie Griffiths
Sam Nash : David Griffiths
Jesse Kiplinger : Steve Williams
Muriel Tate : Julie Binysh
Norma Hubley : Katrina Pancucci
Roy Hubley : Bob Etherington
Jean / Mimsey : Ami Williamson
Waiter : Jim Ward
Bellhop / Borden Eisler : Josh Lawson