Auditions for the final plays of our 2018 season will be held at the theatre on Sunday 10th June. Details are shown below;

12 Noon – Blink (in the bar)

Playing Dates; Wed 21-Sun 25 Nov 2018 

Details will appear here soon.

To get a script or more information from Andrew Newbon, the Director, click here.


2.00pm – Gaslight (Main Stage) 

Playing Dates; Fri 9-Sat 17 Nov 2018  

It is 19th Century London, the home of Jack and Bella Manningham.

At first, all appears to be the epitome of Victorian decorum and tranquility.  However, Jack is slowly and methodically driving his gentle, devoted wife to the brink of insanity, through a mixture of insinuating kindness, mind games and cruel deception.

Jack’s sinister motives are revealed when Bella receives a visit from paternal ex-police inspector Rough, who has been watching Jack for some time, convinced that he is wanted for a murder in the Manninghams’ house 15 years earlier and so unfolds one of theatre’s most brilliantly atmospheric and gripping thrillers.



Mid- thirties.  The author’s description of her: “She has been good-looking – almost a beauty – but now she has a haggard, wan, frightened air with rings under her eyes, which tell of sleepless nights – and worse.”  Bella begins the play as a bullied, frightened and downtrodden wife who worries that she may be losing her mind.  However, by the end she is the one in control.  (Very large role, onstage for most of the play)


Late 30s – late 40s.  Bella’s husband.  The author’s description of him: “Suave and authoritative with a touch of mystery and bitterness.”  At first, he seems an indulgent, if stern, husband.  Charming even, at times.  But as the play progresses we discover a darker and more sinister side to him.  His domineering Victorian masculinity and intolerance of his wife’s frailties are soon revealed to be the least of his faults… (Large role)


Late 50s – 60s.  A retired Scotland Yard detective.  The author’s description of him: “Greying, wiry, active, brusque, friendly, overbearing.”  Rough has an air of authority, but with a twinkle in his eye.  Gently avuncular, he has a restless enthusiasm that is the driving force of the play. (Large role)


 50 – 60.  The Manninghams’ cook and housekeeper.  The author’s description of her: “A stout, amiable, subservient woman”.  A warm, motherly type with good common sense and very concerned for Bella’s welfare. (Medium role)


 19 – early 20s.  The Manninghams’ maid.  The author’s description of her: “A pretty, cheeky girl”.  Nancy is a proper little madam, with amorous designs on Jack.  She despises Bella and is insolent to her while flirting with her husband. (Medium role)

Also needed: two policemen (non-speaking roles, appearing briefly in one scene)

To get a script or more information from Coleen Batson, the Director, click here. To see audition pieces click here.


4.00pm – The Comedy of Errors (Main Stage) 

Playing Dates; Fri 7-Sat 15 Dec 2017

How better to round off 2018 at BLT than with a rollacking dose of Shakespearean hilarity?! The Comedy of Errors was written as entertainment for Shakespeare’s friends at Christmas and so it is entirely fitting that this should be our December production!

Shakespeare of course wrote many comedies but The Comedy of Errors is the only one with “comedy” in the title. And therein lies the rub: the play is indeed very funny, (a true farce as many commentators have said), but it is one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays (possibly even his first) and is widely acknowledged to lack the depth of his later works. It’s also short, the shortest in fact in the entire Shakespearean cannon. All of which means that any production of Comedy of Errors needs to pack a punch. The play will only live up to its title when played with great pace and excellent comic timing. When it is, it is fantastic fun.

Based essentially on a tale of mistaken identity, (with not one but two sets of identical twins), this is a production for actors who aren’t afraid of the challenges of Shakespearean prose and who want to experiment with me to bring out the comic heart of the story both verbally and physically. It will be a hoot I promise – come and play!


Playing ages for all roles (and in some cases gender) are variable as indicated and will depend on how the full cast fits together. The smaller roles will be doubled.

Large roles

Antipholus of Syracuse – in search of his long lost twin brother, gets swept up in a world of confusion and dream-like experiences, something of an innocent abroad – playing age could be 20’s/30’s/40’s;

Antipholus of Ephesus – the twin brother and well established merchant in the city of Ephesus. A player and a shrewd business man, A of E beats his servant with little or no provocation and is suspected of cheating on his wife – age range as above;

Dromio of Syracuse – personal servant to A of S and a twin brother himself – provides much of the comedy of the play and pushes the action along, role will involve physical comedy – age range as above, could be male or female;

Dromio of Ephesus – personal servant to A of E and the twin brother of D of S. Similarly provides much of the comic action / physicality and is frequently beaten by his master. Age range as above, could be male or female;

Adriana, married to Antipholus of Ephesus – long suffering, jealous wife who refuses to be submissive, a prototype feminist – age range as above;

Luciana – unmarried sister to Adriana, a peace-maker, confidante and counsel to Adriana, possessed with “a gentle sovereign grace” according to A of S – age range as above;

Medium roles

Egeon – father to the Antipholus twins, in search of his wife and missing son, A of E. His long speech in the first scene sets the framework for the story – playing age 50’s / 60’s / 70’s

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus – the rule of law in the city of Ephesus, has Egeon’s fate in his hands, confident and authoritative – playing age 50’s / 60’s / 70’s

Emilia, the Abbess – wife to Egeon and mother of the Antipholus twins, appears only in the last scene but is instrumental in the family’s final reconciliation, described by commentators as “a significant moral force” in the play – age range as for Egeon;

Angelo, a goldsmith – involved in scenes of misunderstanding / mistaken identity with the Antiphlous twins – playing age 40’s – 50’s;

Smaller roles (not age / gender specific unless otherwise stated and will be doubled)

A Courtesan – friend / likely mistress of A of E – female, age range 20’s – 30’s;

Balthasar –  a merchant and business associate of A of E, dines with A of E at the Courtesan’s;

Second merchant – has Angelo arrested for non payment of debt, draws swords with Antipholus of Syracuse;

Luce – cook and servant to Adriana, betrothed to Dromio of Ephesus;

Dr Pinch, doctor and conjurer – brought in to cure A of E of his supposed madness;

Officer / Messenger / Jailer / other Attendants

To get a script, more information or audition pieces either call Hilary Cordery, the Director, on 07767 662 664 or click here.

Our auditions are open to everyone but if you are chosen for a part you will need to become a member of the theatre – before your first rehearsal. The same goes for all backstage crew and anybody who wishes to use the theatre’s facilities.