Auditions for the following shows will be held at the theatre on Sunday 14th October 2018;

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12.00 noon

Playing dates; March 8th– 16th (not Sunday 10th)

Pride and Prejudice (main house)

by Jane Austen, adapted by Bryony J. Thompson.  Directed by Julie Binysh 

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

So begins Jane Austen’s sparkling novel, Pride and Prejudice published and set in 1813.  The “will they won’t they” love stories of Elizabeth and Darcy, Jane and Bingley.  Can they overcome the obstacles of family, reputation, class, and their own character flaws?

We have chosen a well reviewed new adaptation by Bryony J Thompson, first staged in 2015.

Reviews said,

“Fun and lively, this production brilliantly exploits the humour that is everywhere in Austen’s story and characters”.

The entire script is taken directly from the book; the text’s language has been abridged but has not been altered or added to at all. This means that the characters often speak the words of the narrator, explaining their own emotions or narrating their actions as they perform them.

This approach gives the cast plenty of opportunities to gently mock the characters they are playing, doing full justice to Austen’s gently, mocking wit and incredible array of lovably ridiculous characters.

There is a cast of 7:

1 young woman to play Elizabeth Bennet, the funny, clever, feminist heroine

1 young man to play Mr Darcy, the intelligent, forthright and haughty but ultimately decent hero

And then a cast of 5 to play all the other characters!

These five will need to be versatile and able to rapidly switch between distinctly different characters.

They are as follows:

One: A middle aged woman to play Mrs Bennet, Lady Catherine, Mrs Hurst and Mrs Gardiner.

Two: A young woman to play Jane, Kitty, Georgiana Darcy and Mrs Reynolds

Three: A young woman to play Mary, Lydia, Miss Bingley and Charlotte Lucas

Four: A young man to play Mr Bingley, Mr Wickham and Mr Collins

Five: A middle aged man to play Mr Bennet, Mr Hurst, Sir William Lucas and Mr Gardiner.

Please email Julie Binysh for audition pieces.

If you cannot attend the audition but are interested in a part, please contact the director asap so that you can be auditioned beforehand.



Playing dates; February 8th– 16th (not Sunday 10th)

Terra Nova (main house)

By Ted Tally.  Directed by Paul Ackroyd  or call 0754 862 8403


About the Play.

The play is a dramatization of the British expedition in 1911 to be the first people to set foot on the South Pole led by Robert Scott which ended in the tragic death of all five members of the polar party on their return journey only miles from their supply depot.

The action of the play moves between Antarctica and various locations in England.  We shall be using a composite representational set with realistic Arctic clothing and props.

All the characters in the play were real people and it is based on real-life events although it is best characterised as “faction”.

The Characters.

Ages are shown at the time of the expedition but some flexibility can be exercised in casting.

Robert Scott: very large part,  on stage almost all the time.  The leader of the British team.  Male.  Age 43.

Roald Amundsen; large part , leader of the Norwegian team who were competing to be the first to the pole .  Needs to speak with a slight Scandinavian accent . Male.  Age 39.

Kathleen Scott: medium part,  Scott’s wife.  A renowned sculptor . Female .  Age 33.

The 4 members of the polar party:

Oates: Medium part. Ex-military hero. Famously went out into a blizzard saying he might be “some time”. Male .  Age 31.

Evans. Medium part. Somewhat portly. Male . Age 35.

Wilson. Medium part. A painter and illustrator on the expedition.  Male . Aged 39.

Bowers. Medium part. The expedition’s doctor and artist.  Short stature. Male Aged 28.

Note:  I would like actors to indicate that they are interested in any one of these parts in the polar party and allow me to put the best team together but I obviously will take into account individual preferences.

Scripts are available from the director.

Audition pieces.

Polar Party  : pages 26-29.

Scott and Amundsen  : pages 35- 37

Scott and Kathleen  :  pages 54-58

Scott and Polar Party   dinner scene : pages 48-50



Playing dates; January 11th– 19th (not Sunday 13th)

Jeeves and Wooster in ‘Perfect Nonsense’ (main house)

By David and Robert Goodall. Directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner 

Winner of the 2014 Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, Perfect Nonsense is based on P.G. Woodhouse’s 1938 Novel “The Code of the Woosters”.  Bertie Wooster has hired out a theatre for his one man show but overlooked some of the challenges of presenting the many characters of his story on stage all at once. Luckily Jeeves is on hand to save the day, add to the stage one enthusiastic maid with a penchant for impersonation, a pile of costumes and a miraculously constructed set and we’re ready for one hell of a show!  Fast-paced, slightly anarchic and seriously funny, Jeeves and Wooster: Perfect Nonsense promises to be a hilarious night out!

The Characters;

Bertie Wooster– Male, 20s-30s, storyteller, raconteur and toff. Our unfortunate hero who is constantly rescued from disaster by his dependable butler Jeeves.  Plays himself throughout.

Jeeves– Male, 30s-50s, the straight-man.  Bertie’s ever reliable butler with a planet-sized intellect. Also plays: the pompous Sir Watkyn Bassett, Gussie Fink Nottle: Bertie’s chum and newt enthusiast, Stiffy Byng: a young lady with a rather enthusiastic pet dog and Madeleine Bassett another rather silly young lady.

Seppings– Female, 20s-30s, in the script Seppings is an elderly male butler however in the interest of balancing gender roles we will be changing the role to an enthusiastic young maid with a skill for impressions.  Also plays: Bertie’s Aunt Dahlia, an antique seller, terrifying Giant Roderick Spode, two butlers and a policeman!


As this is a very fast-paced play with lots of fast switching between roles, I hope to give all actors a chance to demonstrate a few different characters.  For both Jeeves and Seppings I have chosen extracts which enable them to perform as themselves, a character of the same gender and a character of the opposite gender.  All those auditioning will be invited to perform in some duologue scenes and to perform a solo section, you are advised to give some preparation to the solo sections as they all contain rapid switching between characters.  A brief description of the different characters is included below to help you in your preparations.  Please note that when BERTIE appears in bold print the line should be directed to the audience.

BERTIE and JEEVES (as themselves)

p9-11                     from “Now the whole thing started…”                     to “Jeeves that is absolutely terrific”

BERTIE and JEEVES (as Madeleine Bassett)

p33-36                  from  “Oh Bertie you ought not to be there”        to  Madeleine skips off

BERTIE and SEPPINGS (as herself and Aunt Dahlia)

p16-18                  from “Is Mrs Travers at home Seppings”                to “Sneer at a cow creamer”

BERTIE and SEPPINGS (as Roderick Spode)

p42-43                  from “Good Evening Wooster”                                   to “You will be wanting to go ad dress for dinner”


BERTIE                  p9-10                     The opening section of the play.

JEEVES                  p67-68                 In this section Jeeves rapidly switches between Stiffy Byng and Sir Watkyn Bassett by displaying a different profile for each.

from “Oh never mind I’ll do it myself” to “I would be the last man to stand in your way”

SEPPINGS            p58-59                  In this sections Seppings plays Aunt Dahlia whilst also providing the voice for a full size scale model of Roderick Spode.

from “Charmed” to “Bertie he’s locked the door”

Contact: Jessica-Ann Jenner  for audition pieces.



Playing dates; January 23rd– 27th

The Children (in the bar)

by Lucy Kirkwood. Directed by Patrick Neylan

Audition details will appear here soon. In the meantime, click on the link above to contact the director.


Future audition dates for your diary are; 11th November, 13th January, 10th March, 7th April and 12th May – (all Sunday afternoons).

Our auditions are open to everyone but if you are chosen for a part you will need to become a member of the theatre – before your first rehearsal. The same goes for all backstage crew and anybody who wishes to use the theatre’s facilities.