Auditions for our upcoming shows are held at the theatre. They are open to all but if you are chosen to act or work as backstage crew you will need to become an Associate Member of Bromley Little Theatre before your first rehearsal. Members of casts are also expected to help run the theatre when they are not performing – for example by helping to run the bar or constructing sets.

More information on upcoming auditions coming soon

84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff

Directed by Colleen Batson

Playing dates:- Thursday September 9 to Saturday September 18 (10 performances including Sunday 12 September).

Audition at 11:30am on Sunday 20 June at BLT

Spanning a twenty year period from 1949 this true story is based on the dramatization of business letters between Helene Hanff a young struggling writer in New York and Frank Doel, the owner of  an antiquarian book store in London. In a sense, these are also love letters. They are about the love of good literature. The play takes place over a twenty year period, beginning in 1949 when Helene Hanff (played on Broadway by Ellen Burstyn) first writes to Marks & Co. and ends in 1969 with the death of Frank Doel, the delightfully dusty supplier of so many old volumes to Helen who has shown her gratitude through the years by sending “care packages” to the staff of Marks & Co.

“Charming, charming, charming….A gently touching of hands across the sea chronicle, sentimental in the best sense of the word.” – The New York Daily News

“Warm, moving, civilized. A wonderful evening on Broadway.” – WABC TV


There are speaking parts and others which may be a mixture of live and recorded voice.  Most of the script is monologuistic in it’s presentation, characters speak their thoughts and tell the action. There two arenas: Helen and her environment and on the other side of the stage, the Bookshop, they do not mix.

The two leading characters have the majority of lines, and are present on stage pretty much all of the time, either speaking or reacting to lines.  They carry the play and speak 95% of the lines. Needs  strong physical presence as well as characterisation, the ability to deliver monologues is paramount.

The play traditionally runs for around two hours, but may run shorter depending on final presentation.

The other characters need to be able to present strong characterisation and able to physically show their relationship to Helen and Frank, as well as get across their character verbally.  They will be showing the audience how the bookshop works, and point up the relationships of all.  Will be presented on stage and on screen.

Other than Helene and Frank, characters may be projected on a screen and voiceovers used.  This will probably be quite a technical show.

CharacterCharacter descriptionNotes
Helene HanffWriter and Author Character ranges mid-thirties to mid-fifties; independent; confident; Culturally & Verbally AmericanLead Role, Monologues
Frank DoelAntiquarian Bookshop owner & Bookseller Character ranges 40 – 60, EnglishLead Role, Monologues
Megan Wells, Maxine Stuart1)Bookseller – English & 2) Helene’s friend – American (Doubled – 1 person, 2 roles)Secondary Role & Monologue
Cecily FarrBookseller, has a couple of children, husband is away with military, EnglishSecondary Role & Monologue
William HumphriesFrank’s right hand man, age range comparable to Frank, can be younger, EnglishSecondary Role

Non-Speaking parts – will be recorded or spoken off stage.

Mr Martin

Mrs Todd



– All characters will sing some popular songs of the period.

– If some individuals are interested in the non-speaking roles and would like the opportunity to act on stage without the pressure of learning lines, they are welcome to contact the Director. Might also suit someone who has worked backstage and would like to try some (a little) stage work.Please contact Colleen at batsonca@gmail.com if you are interested in auditioning and would like a copy of the script. You will be informed of audition pieces and an audition time as auditions will need to be staggered.

Alys Always by Lucina Coxan

Directed by Paul Ackroyd

Playing dates:- Thursday November 4 to Saturday November 13 (10 performances including Sunday 7 November)

Auditions at 12-30 pm on Sunday 20 June at BLT

This is a new play first performed at the Bridge Theatre in March 2019.  We may be the first amateur group to perform it.  It is based upon Harriet Lane’s acclaimed novel of the same name.

Perhaps best described as a psychological thriller, it tells the story of Francis, a young woman who lives a mundane life in the publishing industry, who one day stops to help at a fatal roadside accident. When the victim’s family reach out to make contact, a door opens into a world previously out of reach, a world of privilege and possibility since the victim’s grieving husband is a luminary in the very world where Francis is trying to make her mark.  Are her actions motivated by ruthless ambition or is she just doing what anyone might do to help a grieving family? Are the distortions of the truth she recounts merely trying to help their feelings or an attempt at ingratiation and will she get found out?

“Everything about the play rings with a horrible truth, and the writing is consistently funny and flecked with pain” What’s onstage.

 “Wonderfully observed…, A gripping psychologically complex achievement whose greatest success is the lingering sense of unease” Sunday Telegraph.


Francis Thorpe. (F) Very large part, on stage all the time. Playing age late 20s/ early 30s.

Mary  Pymm   (F)    Medium part     Francis’  boss .  Playing age   40s /50s

Oliver           (M)    Medium part.   Francis’ colleague.  Playing age 20s/ 30s

Laurence Kyte   (M)   Large Part       Renowned author     Playing age 50s/ 60s

Polly Kyte       (F)   Medium Part    Laurence’s Daughter   Playing age early 20s

Teddy Kyte     (M)   Medium Part     Laurence’s Son        Playing age  20s

The following characters are to be shared by 2/3 actors – playing ages 30- 60

Charlotte Black (F) Small Part  Friend of the Kyte’s            

Audrey Cullun  (F) Small Part Someone in the Literary World  

Mrs Thorpe    (F) Small  Part  Francis’ Mother               

PC (F) Small Part  Policewoman                  

Julia Price  (F) Small Part   Non speaking              

Receptionist  (F)  Small Part  Off Stage Voice               

Alys Kyte      (F) Small Part   Off Stage Voice               

Directors Note.

This is going to have to be a socially distance production both in rehearsal and on stage…. which will raise its own challenges. 

 I have amended the text so as to make this possible and have reduced the number of characters and the number of scenes.

The production will have to be flexible to cope with possible changes in Covid restrictions .

If you are interested in auditioning please contact the director:  Paul Ackroyd    ackroydpaul@gmail.com or 0754 862 8403 before the audition.

Copies of the script will be available to read and audition pieces will be sent out to those expressing an interest.

Rehearsals will start in early September :  3 or 4 per week

If you are not available on the intended audition date we will be happy to arrange a separate audition at a mutually convenient time


It’s A Wonderful Life by Tony Palermo

Directed by Pauline Armour

Playing dates:- Thursday December 9 to Saturday December 18 (10 performances, including Sunday 12 December)

Auditions: Sunday June 20 at 2.00 pm at BLT 

We are presenting the ‘for radio-on-stage’ version of the play based on the Frank Capra film, which means that the setting on the stage will be a 1940’s radio station and our BLT theatre audience will be the live studio audience – encouraged to applaud and laugh when cued by the sound effects artist.

Tony Palermo’s adaptation remains faithful to the classic American film and introduces all 34 of your favourite (and perhaps not-so-favourite) characters. The story of idealistic George Bailey unfolds as he considers ending his life one fateful Christmas Eve. It takes the help of the lovable angel Clarence for George to have a change of heart and understand the true spirit of Christmas.

The play will be performed by a team of versatile actors who will bring to life all the roles from 5 year-old children, to 80 year-old townsfolk and, of course, the ageless Clarence who so desperately needs to earn his wings.

As in all American radio performances of the 1940s there are commercial breaks, which advertise the sponsors of the show. There will be four-part harmony jingles with, of course, a Christmas theme. We welcome anyone who would like to be a sponsor and will be happy to create an onstage advert! Just let us know.

There are around 40 characters in this production, which will be played by 8 actors (4 men and 4 women) and a Foley (sound effects) Artist. Actors will need to demonstrate great versatility in switching characters with the minimum of costume changes and props – playing children through to elderly townsfolk.

The suggested doubling breakdown is shown below, though this could easily change during rehearsals dependent on who is cast.

George and young George (Male) 

Clarence, Randy, crowd scenes (Male) 

Gower, Pop Bailey, Uncle Billy, Sam, Carter, Officer Bert, Petey, Welch (Male) 

Harry, Potter, Eustace, Ernie, Charlie, Nick, Toll Taker, Sheriff (Male)

Announcer, Neighbour, Violet, Mrs Davies, Janey (Female)

Superintendent, Eddy, crowd scenes (Female)

Mary, Young Mary, Tilly (Female)

Ma Bailey, Dr Campbell, Mrs Hatch, Mrs Thompson, Bank Teller, Martini, Zuzu (Female)

The whole cast will also present advertisement jingles in the style of a 1940s radio advertisement.

Although the cast will hold scripts and stand at old-fashioned looking radio mics, the script will have to be learnt and the mics will be fake. 

This production requires huge pace and energy and the ability to move into character very quickly.

At the audition you will be asked to demonstrate a range of voices and accompanying body movements to show the speedy transformation of character. These are real people and need to be played as such with compassion and understanding. 

If you would like to audition please contact Pauline at armourgg19@gmail.com or call her on 07984722308. If you don’t already have the script from 2020, one will be made available and audition pieces will be sent to you along with an audition time, as these will need to be staggered to allow for social distancing.

Auditions at the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre

There are plenty of auditions at the GWT. See here for details