Our 2020 season was announced on 31st August and you can see details here.

Auditions are held at the theatre and are open to everyone, but if you are chosen for a part you will need to become a member of BLT before your first rehearsal. The same goes for all backstage crew. Check back on this page for more information as it becomes available.


Audition dates are as follows;


13 October
The Lion in Winter @ 14-30
The Scary Bikers @ 16-00

10 November
Strangers on a Train @ 13-00

Girl in the Machine @ 14-30

Performance dates: April 15-19 2020
When things go wrong, where do you go to seek solace? Traditionalists might turn to the bottle, but technology offers another means of escape altogether.

Girl In The Machine is one part speculative fiction, one part horror story and two parts love story.

Polly and Owen are both in their 30s (there’s a bit of latitude when it comes to Owen’s age, less so with Polly’s). Their relationship is passionate and physical and the two actors will need to be able to very relaxed with each other. They each experience a profound emotional journey over the course of the play.

‘The Voice’ is the voice of the machine, similar to Alexa or Siri, and age and gender aren’t particularly important. Counterintuitively, this might end up being quite a physical role.

The rehearsal process will involve a lot of movement and devising and I’ll be looking for actors who are brave, committed and creative. For more details click here to email the Director, Rob Widdicombe


The Wind in the Willows @ 16-00


12 January
Taken at Midnight @ 13-00
The Prisoner of second Ave @ 14-30
A Walk in the Woods @ 16-00

9 February
Breaking the Code @ 13-00
Hobsons Choice @ 14-30
Bette and Joan @ 16-00

March 8
Things I Know to Be True @ 13-00
Hedda Gabler@ 14-30
The Herd @ 16-00

June 7
December TBC @ 2-00