Auditions for our upcoming shows are held at the theatre. They are open to all but if you are chosen to act or work as backstage crew you will need to become an Associate Member of Bromley Little Theatre before your first rehearsal. Members of casts are also expected to help run the theatre when they are not performing – for example by helping to run the bar or constructing sets.

Summary of BLT auditions

Sunday February 12th 2023
1:00pmThe Incident Room
2:30pmThere are no Beginnings

The Incident Room

By Olivia Hirst and David Byrne

Directed by Pauline Armour

Playing dates:-

Thursday 9th November to Saturday 18th November (not Sunday 12th November) (Charity night is 9th November)

Audition date:-

Sunday February 12th  1:00pm

Set in Leeds in 1975, The Incident Room is a forensic examination of the five-year police hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. With public pressure mounting, the investigators resorted to increasingly audacious attempts to catch one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers.  After a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival in 2019, The Incident Room transferred to the New Diorama Theatre where it received rave reviews.

There Are No Beginnings

By Charley Miles

Directed by Gillian Gissing

Playing dates:-

Wednesday 22nd November to Sunday 26th November

Audition date:-

Sunday February 12th  2:30pm

Between 1975-80, the women of Leeds lived in fear. With no idea who was responsible for the attacks and murders across the city, women were urged to stay at home. From the fear and fury, a steadfast solidarity arose, birthing the Reclaim the Night movement and echoing down the generations to this day. Whilst the Yorkshire Ripper is ever present, this is first and foremost a story of the women living under his shadow.


(Series 2: Episodes 1 (Bells), 2 (Head) and 6 (Chains) )

By Richard Curtis and Ben Elton

Directed by Tony Jenner

Playing dates:-

Thursday 7th December to Saturday 16th December (not Sunday 10th December) (Thursday 7th December is Charity night)

Audition date:-

Sunday February 12th 3:30pm

1558 or two minutes to four in the afternoon if you prefer, and Elizabeth I has ascended to the throne just in time for tea. Lord Edmund Blackadder (the bastard great-great-grandson of the original) attempts to win her favour despite the efforts of his ineffectual acquaintances, notably the idiot Percy, and his mediocre mess of a manservant, Baldrick.