Auditions for the following shows will be held at the theatre on Sunday 11th November 2018;


2.00 Teechers By John Godber, directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner

(In the Bar) Playing dates: March 20 – 24

On their last day of school, three students put on a play, the names of the characters have been changed but they are certainly based on the staff at their own school.  Jeff Nixon a new drama teacher takes on the eccentric Mrs Parry and her production of the Mikado, Oggy Moxon the resident school bully, school girl crushes, PE lessons and the lure of the posh school down the road… will he be tempted away or will he stay around and show everybody his Nanky-Poo.  Over 20 characters are brought to life by 3 actors in this demanding comic piece which both satirises and challenges the education system.

Salty: Male, playing age  16 – “A school-leaver, bright and fresh-faced, rather dirty in appearance.” – spends much of the play as Jeff Nixon a young drama teacher as well as a range of other characters.

Gail: Female, playing age 16 – “Loud-mouthed and bossy, attractive and full of enthusiasm” – plays a range of characters including a school bully, caretaker, PE teacher and deputy head.

Hobby: Female, playing age 16 – “Shy. Should be very large, must be bigger than the other two. She is doing the play despite herself” – plays a range of characters including the Headteacher Mrs Parry and constant moaner Ms Jones.

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All performers must be confident using voice and physicality to create a wide range of characters.


3.30 Young Marx by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman, directed by Pauline Armour

Playing dates: April 5-13

If you want to audition you are encouraged to come to the main audition as it is so much better to see how people look together as an ensemble. If you have a pre-arranged engagement and can’t attend on November 11, I prefer to see people prior to that date so that after November 11 people who have attended the main audition are not kept waiting to know the outcome. If you want a script or can’t make this date and want to audition, please email the director or call 07984722308. Click here for audition pieces

This play is BLT’s entry into the BTG and KDA Festivals in 2019.

About the play:‘Young Marx’ opened the Bridge Theatre less than a year ago and we will definitely be one of the first amateur groups to perform it – if not the first.

It is 1850 and Europe’s most feared terrorist is hiding in Dean Street, Soho. He is broke, restless, often drunk, chasing woman after woman and certainly not writing. He is a frothing combination of intellectual brilliance, invective, satiric wit and child like emotional illiteracy. Creditors, spies, rival revolutionary factions and prospective seducers of his beautiful wife all circle like vultures. His writing blocked, his marriage dying, his friend Engels in despair at his wasted genius, his only hope is a job on the railway!! But there’s still no-one in London who can show you a better alcohol fuelled night out than Karl Heinrich Marx.

This will be a fast, furiously paced production which brings out both the humour and poignancy of the script. There are opportunities for multi- role playing in multi locations.


When German characters are speaking to English characters their speech is accented. When in the company of Germans it is not. The presumption being that amongst their own, they are all speaking German.


Karl Marx: (Male) Articulate, passionate, emotionally illiterate, erratic, engaging. The audience must get behind him and care what happens to him. Playing  age 35- 40. Very large role, wordy. Actor will need to be able to speak sections of complex text with great pace and passion. An ability to sing basic music hall type songs and knock out a simple tune on piano is desirable. Will use German accent in some scenes.

Friedrich Engels: (Male)Well educated from wealthy background. Totally loyal and caring towards Marx and his family. Very much a ladies’ man, good looking, well dressed. Playing age 30 -40. Large role. Actor will need to be able to handle text with pace and passion. An ability to sing basic music hall type songs and knock out a simple tune on piano is desirable. Will use German accent in some scenes.

Jenny Von Westphalen: (Female) Marx’s beautiful wife from a wealthy aristocratic background. She is assertive and strong and adores Marx but is totally frustrated by his behaviour and waste of talent. She is pursued by wealthy suitors – but does she succumb? Playing age 35 -45. Large role. Will use German accent in some scenes.

Jenny Caroline ‘Oui Oui’ Marx: (Female) Marx and Jenny’s daughter. Bright, articulate, copes well with bohemian life style. Playing age 10. Medium role. Needs to play piano. (As a child actor chaperoning arrangements will need to be in place)

Guido ‘Fawksey’ Marx: (Male) Marx and Jenny’s son.Lively little boy who loves playing with father. He is often not well and has a bad cough. Playing age 3 -5. Small role (As a child actor chaperoning arrangements will need to be in place) Could be played by little girl with short hair.

Helene ‘Nym’ Demuth: (Female)Described by Engels as ‘ The intellectuals’ house maid of choice’. She is Marx and Jenny’s maid – but actually much much more. Clever, assertive, loyal, political. Playing age 30. Large role. Should perhaps have regional UK accent. Will use German accent in some scenes.

August Von Willich: (Male)Wealthy German émigré, in love with Jenny, cares about ‘honour’, dedicated to the cause, dismissive of Marx. Playing age 40-50. Medium role. Will use German accent in some scenes.

Emmanuel Barthelemey: (Male) French revolutionary. Wild, passionate, supports violent revolution. Playing age 25- 35. Medium role. Will need a strong French accent.

Konrad Schramm: (Male or Female) Very earnest newspaper editor. Uses very heroic and flowery language. Totally idolatrises Marx. Playing age 18 -25. Medium role. Will use German accent in some scenes.

Gert ‘Doc’ Schmit: (Male or possibly female) Emigre doctor, matter of fact, pragmatic appears loyal to Marx, not all that he (she) seems!! Playing age 30 upwards – flexible. Medium role. Will use German accent in some scenes.

 Sergeant Savage: (Male) London copper of 1850s. Playing age flexible. Small role – will double/triple

Constable Crimp: (Male) London copper of 1850s. Bit dead pan. Playing age flexible but probably young/ newish recruit. Small role – will double/triple, probably has the funniest line in play!!

Mrs Mullett: (Female)A whelk seller, typical Cockney street vendor. Playing age flexible. Small role – will double/triple

Mr or Mrs Fleece: (Male or Female) A pawn broker in Soho. Cunning, not impressed or taken in by Marx. Playing age flexible. Small role – will double/triple

Mr Grabiner: (Male) Bailiff, Londoner, ruthless, no pity, no time for the German émigrés. Playing age flexible. Small role – will double/triple

Helmut: (Could be male or female) A Prussian spy. Evasive, lives in the shadows. Playing age flexible. Small role – will double/triple. Will use German accent in some scenes.

Singe: (Male) A gaoler. Sceptical. Londoner.Playing age flexible. Small role – will double/triple.

Gentleman with beard: (Male) Needs to look like the iconic Karl Marx (is in fact Charles Darwin) Playing age – elderly

Emigres, library staff, readers, traders, Londoners: Mixture of men and women – flexible ages

The scene in the library involving the librarian, gentleman with beard, numerous readers, Marx and Engels is very physical – ends up with a Wild West type fight – so agility required.


Auditions for the following shows will take place on Sunday 13th January

1:30 Loot by Joe Orton, directed by Stevie Hughes

Playing dates: Thurs 9 – Sat 18 May 2019 (not Sun 12)

Dennis and Hal have just committed a daring bank raid, netting themselves over a 100 grand in cash, but when an absurd but psychotic investigating police officer suspects them, they decide to hide the loot in Hal’s recently deceased mum’s coffin, but then have the corpse to dispose of. A gold-digging femme fatale of a private nurse, intent on ensnaring Hal’s grieving father into yet another profitable (for her) but short-lived (for him – literally) marriage, increases the tension in Joe Orton’s outrageous masterpiece of modern farce.


Mrs. McLeavy: Any age. A corpse. Must be of slender build, physically fit, feel comfortable with being manhandled and capable of sustaining a lifeless performance.

Fay: Late 20s-30s. Mrs. McLeavy’s former private nurse. Serial widow. Irish accent. Devout Catholic but has her own quirky, self-serving interpretation of her creed. A femme fatale but a somewhat parochial one.

McLeavy: 40s-50s+. Mrs. McLeavy’s grieving widower. Perma-victim. Preferably Irish accent. Firm believer in ‘old-fashioned values’. Naive and out of touch, he is either whingeing or being chronically outraged. However, he’s the only one to stand up to Truscott.

Truscott: 40 to 50+. A venal, corrupt and brutal police inspector, ignorant, inept, lazy and casually ruthless. In total command. Violently assaults Hal on stage.

Hal: 20s. The McLeavys’ son. Somewhat more thoughtful than his partner-in-crime, Dennis, but just as priapic. However, there is no sex in this play. Gets beaten up by Truscott.

Dennis: 20s. A bit of a Jack-The-Lad. Instigator of the bank raid. Sexually rampant. In love with Fay.

Meadows: Any age. Uniformed arresting police officer. Tiny role but has one great visual moment.

A word about ages. Please don’t be put off if you don’t fit the age stated; if there are enough suitable auditionees of a different vintage, we may revise the criteria to accommodate them.

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Future audition dates for your diary are; 10th March, 7th April and 12th May – (all Sunday afternoons).

Our auditions are open to everyone but if you are chosen for a part you will need to become a member of the theatre – before your first rehearsal. The same goes for all backstage crew and anybody who wishes to use the theatre’s facilities.