BLT Development – Act One Scene One

Take One

Lights …. Action

Yes. The first phase of the repair, refurbishment and improvement of BLT is about to start. The roof over the stage – which not only leaks but, being made of fragile corrugated sheeting, also bangs and rattles in high winds – is to be re-covered during our summer break. At the same time, we are going to take down, clean and service all the stage lights and re-rig them once the new roof is on.

Our in-house lighting guru, Emma Christmas, will be in charge of the work on the lighting but to ensure it gets done in time and to keep Emma from going mad, we need a few volunteers to help her. This is a perfect opportunity for someone interested in stage lighting to get to know the different types of lanterns and how they work, while helping to complete a vital maintenance task.

The lanterns are to be taken down on Sunday 23 July, with the cleaning and maintenance being carried out, during the working day, over the following two weeks and re-rigging to be done during the second half of August – exact dates dependent on progress of roof works.

If you are available and interested in helping, please contact Emma at emmac@bromleylittletheatre.org as soon as possible. You don’t necessarily need to be available throughout the period, although it would be good if you could commit to several days, at least.

Unlimited free tea and coffee and a sandwich lunch will be provided by BLT each day.

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