Calling All BLT Actors

A number of BLT actors are required to participate in a workshop for potential 2018 directors on Sunday 9 July at 2pm.

All potential directors who have submitted plays for the 2018 Season at BLT have been asked to participate in a workshop so that they can exchange directorial ideas and discuss their artistic engagement when directing a play. Some duologue scripts will be available on the day, all from published plays, some for 1 man and 1 woman, some for 2 men and some for 2 women. They cover the whole age range and are taken from an eclectic mix of plays. Directors will choose randomly and we will need sufficient actors to make the process viable. Please come along and help to make this a dynamic session. Please confirm your attendance as an actor (the relevant directors have already had an invitation) and let Pauline Armour know so that the appropriate planning can take place. Hopefully the session will be creative, positive and a lot of fun.

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