Cast yourself in a monologue for our new on-line show!

During May we plan to present a series of monologues performed by BLT members on our BLT Group Face Book page. We are inviting actors and directors to participate in this event. Each monologue will be presented by a BLT actor who has worked with a BLT director on a monologue which must NOT exceed 5 minutes – the monologue can be shorter. Jess and I are co-ordinating the project and will provide more detail to participants who get involved.

This is the criteria:

  • You can be a pair of two actors/directors who work with each other on a monologue each
  • You can be a pair of one actor and one director who work on one monologue
  • You can be an actor who wants to be allocated a director
  • You can be a director who wants to be allocated an actor
  • You will need to be able to rehearse in your pairs remotely or if you live in the same same house can rehearse at home
  • The actors will need to learn the monologue and be off script when it is recorded
  • The content of the monologue will need to reflect the profile of the FB group who hopefully will watch it (14 years old and upwards)
  • You will attend a ZOOM workshop which we will organise to support the progress of your monologue/s
  • You will need to either record your monologue yourselves and send it to us or you will be invited to a ZOOM meeting where we will record it.

The expectation is that we will have more participants than we need for this event and we will have to make decisions about what is part of the evening based on an eclectic mix of material – some classical, comedy, drama, UK, American, European etc You do not need to fill 5 minutes – some short pieces will mean more participants. 

We expect the artistic quality of what we post to be of a high standard which reflects the way we work at BLT  – a commitment to the presentation of ‘Outstanding Theatre For Everyone’

If you want to be involved please let us know by Friday 24 April and you will then have 2 weeks to prepare from that date. Let us know if you are part of a pair or whether you need to be paired with an actor or director and if you know please indicate the script you will be presenting and send us a copy. If you do not have a script Jess and I may be able to help with suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stay well and safe

Pauline and Jess xx

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