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02 Dec 2018

Pride and Prejudice – cast announcement

Director Julie Binysh announces her cast for Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet – Megan McGery Mr Darcy – James Jaggs One – Heather Wain Two – Emily Roach Three – Alice Foster Four – Jacob McCloskey Five – Steve Williams

24 Nov 2018

Young Marx – cast announced!!

Director Pauline Armour announces her cast for YOUNG MARX by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman Cast: Karl Marx – Howie Ripley Friedrich Engels – Robert O’Neill Jenny Von Westphalen – Alison Green Jenny Caroline ‘Oui Oui’ Marx – tbc Guido ‘Fawksey’ Marx – tbc Helene ‘Nym’ Demuth – Bethan Boxall August Von Willich – Bruce Wallace Emmanuel Barthelemy – Christakis Spyrou Konrad Schramm – Jennie Mesure Gert ‘Doc’ Schmidt – Roxana Graves Sergeant Savage – Giles Tebbitts Constable Crimp – […]

16 Aug 2018

blink – cast announced!

Director Andrew Newbon  announces his cast for Blink, by Phil Porter; Jonah – Robert O’Neil Sophie – Philly Spurr For more information about the play, click here.

29 Jun 2018

gaslight – cast announcement

Director Colleen Batson announces her cast for Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton; Mrs Manningham: Laura Gamble Mr Manningham: Robert Chambers Rough: Stevie Hughes Elizabeth: Karen O’Neill Nancy: Naomi Cunningham For more information about the play, click here.

20 Jun 2018

the comedy of errors – cast announcement

Director Hilary Cordery announces her cast for The Comedy of Errors by you know who! Come and be entertained by the master himself in the run up to Christmas 2018 – we guarantee it will make you feel better about any Christmas mayhem of your own! Cast (in order of appearance); Duke of Ephesus – Chris Cullen The Duke’s henchmen – Mike Azzopardi, Allen Sproule, Chris Seamore-Nelson Egeon – Rob Widdicombe Merchant of Ephesus – Chris Seamore-Nelson Antipholus of Syracuse […]

26 Apr 2018

entertaining angels – cast announcement

Director Michael Darbon announces his cast for Entertaining Angels, by Richard Everett; Grace                                    Nikki Packham Ruth                                      Ann Ashenden Bardolph                             Paul Ackroyd Jo                                            Lucy Camacho Sarah                                     Zoe Farrow Click here for information about the play.

23 Apr 2018

edgar and annabel – cast announcement

Director Jane Lobb announces her cast for Edgar and Annabelle by Sam Holcroft; Marianne – Joanna Gleeson Nick – Robert O’Neill Miller – Findlay Harrison-Phipps Tara – Laura Ashenden Marc – Joe Dominic Anthony – Raphael Olu Claire – TBC

23 Apr 2018

king charles III – cast announcement

Director Pauline Armour announces her cast for King Charles III by Mike Bartlett; Charles – Gerald Bishop Camilla – Tricia Osborne- King William – Howie Ripley Kate – Bethan Boxhall Harry – Luke Dahill Jess – Laela Henley- Rowe Mr Evans – Kerrin Roberts Mrs Stevens – Julie Binysh James Reiss – Bruce Wallace Clive, Sir Gordon and friend of Harry, Ensemble – James Jaggs Spenser, Paul, Ensemble – Allen Sproule Cootsy, Ensemble- Pete Ditchburn Speaker of House, Head of […]

23 Apr 2018

joseph k – cast announcement

Director Patrick Neylan announces his cast for Joseph K by Tom Basden; Joe Dominic – Joseph K Laura Ashenden – Wendy, Leni, Rose, Yvette Tom Dignum – Gabriel, Bear and others Glenn Aylott – Nathan, Ian Huld and others Daniel Needham – Dan and others

02 Mar 2018

pygmalion – cast announcement

Director Jane Buckland announces her cast for Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw; Henry Higgins                Chris de Pury Eliza Doolittle                 Megan McGery Captain Pickering           Drew McGurren Mrs Pearce                       Sue Williams Mr Doolittle                     Richard Gissing Freddy  Eynsford-Hill    Gavin Dyer Clara Eynsford-Hill […]