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16 Jun 2021

Review of Handbagged

Handbagged by Moira Buffini. Directed by Pauline and Dan Armour Review by John Maslen My joy at breaking out of pandemic prison to see live theatre again was initially tempered by apprehension at the choice of production I had elected to see.  A play featuring Margaret Thatcher! Please not another weary left wing diatribe telling us all how dreadful the era was!  But of course it was nothing of the sort: – I had been vaguely aware of the piece […]

17 Mar 2020

Review of Strangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train Reviewed by Clive Lees.  Play date Saturday, 7 March 2020 This was director Andrew Newbon’s first main house play and he deserves much credit for delivering an excellent show and allowing his cast to deliver memorable performances.  There was much inventiveness and creativity on display which all helped to make for a fine night out. I’m tempted to say that the reason to see this play is Scott James.  James, playing Charles Bruno, one of the […]

26 Feb 2020

Review of ‘The Scary Bikers’

By Paul Campion Heaven knows, Brexit hasn’t given us much to laugh about over the last few years. But it has given us John Godber’s ‘Scary Bikers’. As a Yorkshireman born and bred, Godber was mystified as to why so many of his working-class compatriots voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. In ‘Scary Bikers’ he sets out to examine this anomaly through the prism of Don and Carol, a middle-aged Yorkshire couple who share a passion for cycling, but are […]

26 Feb 2020

Review of ‘The Lion in Winter’

by Steve Williams It is Christmas 1183 and we are in the court of the Plantagenet King, Henry II, at a tense and trying time. Henry is hosting the newly crowned King Philip of France and is keen to form an alliance before he relinquishes his crown to one of his sons. The problem for the King is that none of the sons would accept any of the others as King and are all intent on taking the crown for […]

29 Jan 2020

Review of ‘On the Verge’

  By Nikki Packham. Review night:- Saturday 25th January I love the Bar Shows – I love watching them, directing them and acting in them, so it was with real pleasure that I walked into the BLT Bar on Saturday night and saw the colourful items and posters adorning the walls, beams and pillars that make up the set for each production.  I knew next to nothing about this play – only that it concerned three Victorian ladies who loved […]

27 Jan 2020

Review of ‘Round and Round the Garden’

Review by Peter Yolland. Round and Round the Garden forms part of the trilogy of the Norman Conquests plays written in 1973 by Alan Ayckbourn.  ‘Round and Round the Garden’, takes place in the garden. ‘Table  Manners’ is set in the dining room and ‘Living Together’ in the living room, Each play is self-contained and BLT performed Table Manners in 2012. This production was performed at Hever Castle in August 2019 as a First Knight production rather than by BLT. […]

20 Dec 2019

Review of ‘A Christmas Carol’

Review by Clive Lees. With a plot that wasn’t going to surprise anyone, this play hung upon what the cast and crew could make of this traditional story. In my view, they certainly did not disappoint. The show surpassed the achievements of the Christmas shows of the last few years. Yet this original adaptation, in the sense of the script, did have a few, and welcome, surprises which included making explicit references to the 1843 Second Report of the Children’s […]

18 Nov 2019

review of picnic at hanging rock

by Clive Lees The whole structure of this play appeared designed to create a surreal, ambiguous and confusing atmosphere in which the sense of the preternatural and primordial natural world could rise up, engulf and consume the hubris of the imperious late Victorians. The first surreal feature was that the names of the five characters in the cast list were never actually mentioned in the play. This is because they are in fact the names of the actual actresses who […]

29 Oct 2019

review of Goodnight Mr Tom

…by David Wood. Directed by Jessica-Ann Jenner Review by Peter Yolland This multi-award-winning 2011 play by David Wood was initially published as a children’s novel in 1981 by Michelle Magorian. It tells the story of Tom Oakley doing his bit for the war effort by taking in William Beech, a young boy evacuated from London to a hamlet in the West Country. Villagers were surprised that the reclusive Oakley would want to take in an evacuee and particularly an emotionally […]

28 Oct 2019

review of stuff happens

by Jonathan Evans ‘If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction.’ Fabian in Twelfth Night ‘Doesn’t matter what it was. When one man says to another, “I know what let’s do today, let’s play the war game.”… everybody dies.’ Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski in A Bridge Too Far A confession: I’ve never been particularly enamoured of David Hare. Much of the work for which he is best known – The Secret Rapture, […]