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31 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Into The Woods’

By Matt Sharp It’s difficult to know where to start when constructing a review to fully appreciate the hard work, commitment and all-round amazement of over 30 members of the cast and crew in an 800-word document. In short, this performance was a stunning, well-constructed piece of Musical Theatre, which everyone involved should feel unmentionable pride in. I urge the entire company, cast and crew to know that you were phenomenal. Here at Bromley Little Theatre we are renowned for […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Foxfinder’

By Laura Ings Self In many ways Dawn King’s Foxfinder is the perfect play for the BLT bar. Set in a dystopian future, it is a dark tale filled with intrigue and the unsettling sensation that the characters are not always being completely honest. The idea of a futuristic Big Government closely monitoring its citizens feels eerily replicated by the audience in close quarters, almost breathing down the actors’ necks. In other ways, however, the play provided challenges in the […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Kindertransport’

By Arthur Rochester Since its first performance at Soho’s Cockpit Theatre in 1993 Diane Samuels’ seminal play has attained classic status and been taught as a set GCSE text. The poignant story of the escape from Nazi Germany to Britain of some ten thousand Jewish children, most of whom never saw their parents again, is given new topicality and relevance by current TV images of the plight of child refugees, emphasised during this production by thought-provoking foyer displays and a […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Cause Celebre’

By Hilary Cordery Based on the true and sensational story of a woman who, together with her (much) younger lover, were jointly charged with the murder of her husband, Terrence Rattigan’s ‘Cause Celebre’ was an ambitious production for BLT. Director Mike Savill had his work cut out in bringing to life what was originally a radio play, and it is to his credit that this was a very successful and impressive production notwithstanding the undeniable staging challenges. In the lead […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Orphans’

By Peter Yolland Dennis Kelly, the author of ‘Orphans’, came from a London council estate and is best known for his dark style of writing. ‘Orphans’ was first staged in 2009 and the story revolves around a family living on what has been described as a sink estate. Danny and Helen are sitting down to an evening meal when her brother Liam bursts into their flat, claiming that he has come upon a person who has been attacked. Both Danny […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Rules For Living’

By Hilary Cordery We’ve all been there, the family Christmas Day from hell. Everyone tries really, really hard but there comes a point when something (or someone) snaps and all hell breaks loose, “bedlam” to quote the aptly named card game of the 2nd Act of Sam Holcroft’s “Rules for Living”. Director Jane Buckland’s production brought this oh-so-familiar scenario hilariously to the BLT stage. But the production was much more than a gloriously riotous and uproarious comedy. Intriguingly, we got […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘James And The Giant Peach’

By Mike Savill ‘Community theatre’, ‘semi-professional’, ‘am-dram’ – call it what you will but for the vast majority of us that practise it, this is a hobby- albeit a sometimes all-consuming, emotionally fluctuating, midnight oil burning and, very occasionally, potentially lucrative one. And like most hobbies it is only fun when one can get immersed into it. Inclusivity is the key and this has been nowhere better exemplified to me in recent times than in the marvellous youth group production […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’

By Mike Savill One of the challenges in putting on a play as well known as ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ is how to capture the essence of the production which made it famous and yet give it an identity of its own. There is no right or easy way of making it work, and the proof of the pudding is definitely whether the audience have had a good time or not come curtain down. Such was the task facing the […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Old Times’

By Mike Savill Some pieces of theatre are designed to entertain, to elicit emotional experience – laughter, tears, edge of the seat thrills but nothing more, clear cut, brightly shaded and obvious with barely any room for an artistic manoeuvre. Others speak of the human condition or a particularly pertinent theme of the ages but are wrapped up in a conventional narrative so that the viewer can take or leave as he or she sees fit. And then there are […]

01 Dec 2016

Review of ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’

By Paul Campion Men find it extremely difficult to get married in Oscar Wilde plays. In ‘The Importance of being Earnest’ Jack Worthing is thwarted in his marital ambitions by possessing the wrong name. In ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ – dramatised by Constance Cox from Wilde’s original short story – the hero faces an even greater obstacle to getting hitched. Young blade-about-1890s London Lord Arthur Savile is all set to wed his sweetheart Sybil. Unfortunately Sybil’s mother is in thrall […]