Disciplinary Procedure

  • BLT recognises that its members and volunteers offer their time and services to BLT because they enjoy being part of an amateur dramatic society. In order to ensure that all members/volunteers can enjoy their experience, and to safeguard BLT’s property and facilities, BLT is committed to maintaining satisfactory standards of conduct.
  • The following principles apply to BLT’s disciplinary procedure:
  • BLT will not take any disciplinary action until an allegation of misconduct has been investigated and you have been given an opportunity to put forward your views;
  • you should take reasonable steps to attend any meeting(s) to discuss any alleged misconduct;
  • where appropriate, BLT may suspend your membership and/or require you not to attend BLT’s premises during any period of investigation.
  • Misconduct comprises inappropriate and/or unacceptable behaviour and includes but is not limited to breaches of BLT’s rules, policies and procedures, including BLT’s Code of Conduct, and damage to BLT’s property or premises.
  • Gross misconduct is the most serious form of misconduct and includes:
    • theft, fraud or any act of dishonesty;
    • any act or attempted act of violence or abusive behaviour towards people or property;
    • a major breach of BLT’s rules, policies and procedures;
    • deliberate and/or major damage to BLT property;
    • deliberate breach of BLT’s health and safety obligations;
    • any form of discrimination, victimisation, harassment or bullying on the grounds of gender, pregnancy, martial or civil partnership status, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, religion or belief, disability or age;
    • any acts or omissions calculated or likely to bring BLT into disrepute.

The above is intended as a guide and is not an exhaustive list.

  • Where an allegation of misconduct is made, a representative of the Board of BLT may attempt to resolve the matter on an informal basis with you. If, however, the matter cannot be resolved on this basis, or is more serious, BLT will consider the following options:
    • oral warning – this will usually be issued for a first instance of misconduct;
    • first written warning – this will be issued if you repeat any form of misconduct within the relevant period after an oral warning has been issued and/or is sufficiently serious to warrant a first written warning;
    • final written warning – if your misconduct is sufficiently serious or where you repeat any form of misconduct within the relevant period after earlier warning(s), you will be issued with a final written warning which will inform you that any further misconduct may result in expulsion from BLT and/or termination of your membership;
    • expulsion – where misconduct amounts to gross misconduct or any further unacceptable conduct occurs within the relevant period after a final written warning has been issued, you may be expelled from BLT and/or your membership terminated.
  • When a warning is issued, you will be advised of the relevant period for which it will remain in force and will be taken into account in the event of further misconduct.

Expulsion Procedure

  • If BLT is contemplating expulsion and/or the termination of your membership it will apply the following procedure:
    • the Board will set out in writing the alleged misconduct and invite you to attend a meeting as soon as reasonably practicable to discuss the matter;
    • a meeting will take place to discuss the allegations before any action is taken. A decision will be given, if reasonably practicable, within five working days of the meeting and confirmed to you in writing.
  • Where expulsion is felt by the Board to be appropriate this may be for a fixed period of time or indefinitely, to be decided by the Board in its discretion.
  • If your membership is terminated in these circumstances you will not be entitled to a refund of any membership fee.


Bromley Little Theatre

January 2018