changing our Emails

UPDATE 30.8.2022

Recipients of new email addresses have just received an email advising them of their new email’s password. It is important that the contents of that email are considered carefully

Thank you

We have commenced a project to update our IT facilities which involves changing our email provider. This will impact all e-mail addresses ending @bromleylittletheatre.org as follows:-

  • All such email addresses will cease to work on 1 September 2022,
  • Between 1st September 2022 and 1st November 2022, you will still be able to recover any old messages in your email account, but the address will not function to send or receive. On 1st November the old server will be shut down and old email addresses (including associated messages, attachments and contact lists) will be permanently inaccessible.
  • Some email addresses, which are known to be needed or are actively used, will be replaced by a new ‘BLT’ address with a new format. For example clivel@bromleylittletheatre.org will be replaced by a new email address with the format clivelees@bromleylittletheatre.org .
  • The list of email addresses being replaced is below. ALL OTHER current BLT email addresses will NOT be replaced. If you are not on the list below and believe you need a new style email address please contact clivel@bromleylittletheatre.org
Clive Leesclivelees@bromleylittletheatre.org

What does this mean for me?

  • ALL users will lose access to current email addresses on 1 November 2022. If you have emails or contact lists that you need, you MUST migrate them to another email address by this date. If you are receiving a new BLT email address, we suggest migrating emails to this new address. This is a straightforward process but please contact Clive if necessary.
  • Please advise any contacts of these changes so that they know how to contact you in future.
  • Be prepared to start using your new email address on 1st September (if applicable).
  • If you have been assigned a new address, a re-direct will be put in place to ensure emails sent to (for example) clivel@bromleylittletheatre.org (ie the old style email address) after 1st September arrive at the new address.

Additional points

  • If emails sent to your current BLT address are auto-forwarded to, say, your personal email address, then you (obviously) have a complete record of incoming emails in (in this case) your personal email inbox.
  • If your emails previously auto-forwarded, you will need to set up auto-forwarding on your new BLT email address