backstage roles at BLT

A theatre is so much more…than what you see on stage. Here, we give a brief glimpse of the extraordinary work of the backstage teams. To find out more in general please contact Simon Tyrrell -Lewis.

stage management

We need stage managers for each show; they support rehearsals, liaise with the backstage teams, and run the show.

costume (kerstin beard)

We have a large stock of costumes but we also hire and make our own. We also loan costumes to other theatres in the area.

props (jess jenner)

From an old typewriter to a walking stick we often find what we need for a future show. We also make props, adapt them and hire them. Jess and Pauline always welcome people with craft skills.

set building (tony jenner)

Every show needs a set – it may have different levels, doorways and painted flats. If you are interested in set design, building and painting get in touch.

lighting (tom boulter)

Lighting is key to creating the atmosphere for drama and other shows. We have a new computer controlled lighting system and are upgrading our lighting. If you are happy climbing a ladder, Tom would be delighted to hear from you.

sound (simon tyrrell-lewis)

We use a computer system for managing the music and sound effects for our shows. If you like finding sounds, recording them, and creating a soundscape for drama, then we need you to help us create bangs and crashes.

video (simon tyrrell-lewis)

During lockdown we have made more use of video to present our shows to a remote audience. We expect that this will continue. We now have a Video Help Guide available to anyone considering a video project. We also have several BLT members who are interested in video, have knowledge and/or equipment – or are already a guru. If you have a script, perhaps one to three actors and need help, please get in touch.

infrastructure (simon tyrrell-lewis)

With many rooms in our building, we need to send sound and video and stage manager announcements to the dressing rooms and other back stage areas. Experience with networking, video and sound distribution is always welcome.