Everything backstage

A theatre is so much more…than what you see on stage. Here, we give a brief glimpse of the extraordinary work of the backstage and front of house teams.

If you would like to join in please contact Simon Tyrrell-Lewis sound@bromleylittletheatre.org and he will forward your offer.

stage management (pat jones)

As our schedule of shows begins to develop after lockdown, we will need stage managers for each show. Please contact Pat Jones  to get on the list.

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costume (kerstin beard)

Now that Tony Jenner has prepared more storage space, we will be looking for a small team to help with relocating more of our costumes back from Yellow Box in Farwig Lane. Watch out for more news…

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props (jess jenner)

Jess and Pauline are gradually reviewing and sorting the props. Once the ‘oven room’ is usable again, we will have more space.

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set building (tony jenner)

We need to assemble teams for set design, building and painting for shows in the autumn.

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lighting (emma christmas)

Emma is preparing to give anyone interested a lighting training course. Our next project will be to revamp lighting for bar shows.

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sound (simon tyrrell-lewis)

Simon is putting together a discussion document to go to the Board with proposals for revamping our lighting, sound and video.

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video (simon tyrrell-lewis)

We now have a concise guide to making a video. We also have a shopping list of video equipment in case we have a flurry of projects needing more equipment than our members already own. If anyone is active on FreeCycle or a similar website and sees equipment on offer, please let us know. We would prefer digital rather than tape-based cameras as the conversion can be challenging. Lights and green screens would be welcome.

We now have a Video Help Guide available to anyone considering a video project. We also have several BLT members who are interested in video, have some knowledge and/or equipment – or are already a guru. If you have a script, perhaps one to three actors and need help, please get in touch.

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David Chapman is on standby once lockdown eases to finish off the job to route the backstage sound and video to the basement rooms. He will also put in cabling so the Stage Manager can make announcements to Front of House.