In The Bar   Wed 23 – Sun 27 November 2016 at 7.45pm



by Dawn King

Directed by Stevie Hughes

Orwell’s 1984 meets Miller’s The Crucible!

In a strange but familiar England, the fox is considered dangerous enough to destroy civilisation itself and must be eradicated at all costs. Part champion, part secret policeman, the government-appointed ‘foxfinder’ suspects that an infestation is to blame for the Coveys’ farm falling behind in its required quota. His relentless and invasive questioning puts a huge strain upon the couple as their beloved farm is threatened with confiscation. Past tragedies are pulled into the present but when the ascetic foxfinder himself begins to be haunted by unfamiliar desires, his rigid self-discipline starts to unravel and the true nature of the ‘fox’ is inevitably revealed.

Dawn King’s gripping and unsettling parable is a dark exploration of belief and responsibility, and a study of how much we are willing to sacrifice for ‘the greater good’.


Samuel Covey : Matt Sharp

Judith Covey : Megan McGery

William Bloor : Alex Scotchbrook

Sarah Box : Heather Phelps


  • Royal National Theatre Foundation Playwright Award 2013
  • Most Promising Playwright, Off West End Awards 2012
  • 2011 Papatango New Writing Award.
  • One of The Independent’s Top Five Plays of 2011


  • Best New Play, Off West End Awards 2012
  • Susan Smith Blackburn Prize 2012
  • James Tait Black Drama Prize 2011/12

“…  Dawn King’s play shines out like a beacon … it remains an arresting and individual work that haunts the mind long after you’ve seen it … the most compelling new work I have seen this year.” – Guardian

“It’s a script which lays out her vividly imagined plot so subtly that you don’t notice King is trying to make you think something until you’ve already thought it.” – The Telegraph

“Rich, rare and deeply unsettling.” – Time Out