Great Dramatisations: BLT does Dickens

Charles Dickens wrote 15 novels (one uncompleted) and 5 Novellas all of which are available to read free of charge online. BLT Does Dickens will result in a dramatized scene for two actors from all 20 of his works.- so quite a big project. To engage in the project you will need to:

  • Decide if you want to act in a scene or direct a scene or both
  • Be prepared to research a book and find a section of dialogue between two people that will work well as a dramatized scene
  • Be able to rehearse over ZOOM and to attend workshops that Pauline and Jess will arrange and support
  • Be able to record your scene so that we can share our work with BLT members

Until we know how many people want to participate in this project it is not possible to say exactly how creative teams will be put together and how books will be allocated. It is likely that you will be allocated a book randomly as otherwise we are likely to end up with 40 Miss Havishams and/or Fagins. If a small number of participants are involved it may be that creative teams will have more choice and might work on more than one book.

So in the first instance please let Pauline know if you want to participate and whether that is as an actor OR a director OR as both and she will get teams together. If you are in one household and you want to work together on this please make this clear. Please let Pauline know by Saturday 30th May if you would like to participate and then participants will be sent the detail of how to proceed.

We look forward to an enthusiastic response.

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