Stevie Hughes, Robert Dilks, Steve Williams, Rich Toynton and Patrick Neylan in BLT's June 2014 production of 'Julius Caesar', directed by Jane Buckland.

Stevie Hughes, Robert Dilks, Steve Williams, Rich Toynton and Patrick Neylan in BLT’s June 2014 production of ‘Julius Caesar’, directed by Jane Buckland.

Fri 6 – Sat 14 June 2014 (not Sunday 8)

The Tragedy of

Julius Caesar

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Jane Buckland

Julius Caesar, Shakespeare’s tragic drama about the eponymous Roman ruler, depicts the plot to assassinate Caesar and the consequences of that act, ending with the defeat of the conspirators at the battle of Philippi. It is a drama of big themes: honour, patriotism, loyalty. While the characters’ actions affect the fate of the Roman world, the conflicts and tensions are played out in private rooms, the corners of palaces, the tents on the battlefield, as well as in public. The political becomes personal.

Caesar’s power and ambition  threatens the integrity of the Roman Republic whose people dispensed with Emperors 450 years before. His friend, the honourable Brutus, wrestles with the seemingly opposing demands of friendship and the greater good.

This exciting modern production with a large cast of  actors will emphasis the military strength of Roman society. There are few professional politicians here; the main characters are seasoned soldiers aware of the part they are playing in maintaining and expanding the huge sprawling Empire. It has a broadly contemporary setting but the emblems of  Ancient Rome and this well known story –  the eagle, the daggers, the toga’s drape – are ever present.

Come along and watch some of BLT’s “Big Hitters” and some newcomers struggle for power on the BLT stage in June.

Jane Buckland, director

Julius Caesar


Brutus : Steve Williams
Cassius : Richard Toynton
Mark Antony : Howie Ripley
Caesar : Robert Dilks
Cinna/Lucilius/Plebeian : Stevie Hughes
Portia : Maxine Hanson
Lucius : Charis Anna Beyer
Calpurnia/Plebeian : Alison Green
Marullus/Octavius : Christopher Nelson
Casca : Kerrin Roberts
Decius/Pindarus : Patrick Neylan
Metellus Cimber/Messala : Joe Hughes
Trebonius/Volumnius : Robin Ferguson
Ligarius/Cinna the poet : Tom Collins
Titinius : Katrina Pancucci
Soothsayer/Plebeian : Helen Scott
Artemidorus/Lepidus/Flavius : Paul Green
Popilius/Cobbler/Messenger : Peter Yolland
Servant : Ninoshka Gomez