Kent Drama radio plays

here are the links to more radio plays entered for the KDA Radio drama festival. (and don’t forget BLT’s entry below)

Any date in April (and probably beyond)

Beckenham Theatre Group          “Monster! The B Movie So Bad They Put It On The Radio”, by Wayne Sheridan               

Willington Players            “Ricochet” by Eli Ward     

Willington Players            “Socrates” by Eli Ward

The Lindley Players          “Aqua Tofana” by Janet Pywell

Canterbury Players          “The Story of Tom Smart” adapted from Charles Dickens https://www.buzzsprout.com/899386/3014251  

The Wayward Players     “John Carter” by Sean Carter      

Chandeliers Drama Group            “Legacy” by Marie Quarman              

Chandeliers Drama Group            “Connors Conundrum” by Christian Ward-Davies              


Gravesend & District Theatre Guild           “The Pickleford Conundrum” by Daniela Baylis https://youtu.be/izuMxljc8V8

Gravesend & District Theatre Guild          “Cacophony” by Kevin Heasman https://youtu.be/t2AXTES3mQM 

Tenterden Operatic & Dramatic Society  “Oh Brave New World” by Tony Powell

Cranbrook Operatic & Dramatic Society  “Romeo & Juliet” by Siviter & Clarke

Broadstairs Dickens Players          “Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame

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