king charles III – cast announcement

Director Pauline Armour announces her cast for King Charles III by Mike Bartlett;

Charles – Gerald Bishop
Camilla – Tricia Osborne- King
William – Howie Ripley
Kate – Bethan Boxhall
Harry – Luke Dahill
Jess – Laela Henley- Rowe
Mr Evans – Kerrin Roberts
Mrs Stevens – Julie Binysh
James Reiss – Bruce Wallace
Clive, Sir Gordon and friend of Harry, Ensemble – James Jaggs
Spenser, Paul, Ensemble – Allen Sproule
Cootsy, Ensemble- Pete Ditchburn
Speaker of House, Head of Met, Free Newspaper Woman – Maxine Edwards
Sarah, TV Producer, Ghost of Diana, Ensemble – Jennie Mercure
Terry, Nick, Butler, Ensemble – Peter Yolland
Archbishop, Ensemble – Paul Green
Zoe Farrow – Ensemble
Choir members – Jessica – Ann Jenner, Sophie Gissing, Richard Gissing and the full cast!!

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