latest fund raising news

BLT is committed to making significant changes to our spaces. These changes will improve access to our buildings and improve facilities for all users.
This project is obviously going to be costly and because of the pandemic many potential funding opportunities that we had intended to explore are temporarily unavailable to us. However we have continued to make some important changes. For example we have recently completed the installation of a disabled toilet on the ground floor which will allow us to invite people with mobility issues to make use of more of our spaces.
If you would like to help us with our continuing redevelopment by making a donation you can do so here:-

or contact us about a donation:-

Here are a few more ways to help…


Why not contribute with pastedGraphic.png and have a chance to win a cash prize each month! Details here

Give as you live

Do you ever spend money on clothes, food, wine, gifts, stationery, electricals, books, travel, insurance….? Of course you do! In that case,

See below to find out how some of your spending can be donated to BLT at no cost to you.

Select from one of over 4,000 online retailers on the Give as you Live website or download an extension to your browser so that any participating store is highlighted when you search for a product and the donation is automatic when you place your order.

Buy a store-specific card or voucher on-line from the Give as you Live website and use it in the shop like a debit card. Available for a wide range of high street stores, cafes and services.

How it works
Give as you Live get a commission from the retailer for every sale made through them and they give half of it to BLT. The amount varies from 0.5% to 5% and more, depending on the retailer and the product, but it all helps.

Donate when you buy tickets online

When booking tickets for BLT shows online, you can donate to our development appeal.

We try to make tickets for our shows as cheap as we can, but if you would like to contribute towards the redevelopment of our theatre, here’s an easy way to do so.

….and finally

Don’t forget the spare change tin on the bar counter is now available for you to get rid of your old £1 coins. We have already collected a significant amount and would be delighted to receive many many more.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has supported our fund-raising efforts. We have several ideas in the pipeline to keep up the pressure and hope that next year will see us start to put together some applications for substantial amounts from some of the larger trusts.

Our successes so far this year should stand us in good stead for fundraising work in 2022!