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Breaking the Code

Main Auditorium01/07/2022 - 09/07/2022This compassionate play is the story of Alan Turing, mathematician and father of computer science. Turing ‘broke the code’ in two ways: he cracked the German Enigma code during World War II and also shattered the English code of sexual discretion with his homosexuality. A compelling piece of modern theatre that has certainly stood the test of time.

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Three Sisters

Main Auditorium14/07/2022 - 16/07/2022Three sisters.  Three thousand miles from home.  Overworked Olga, wild Masha and idealistic Irina dream of returning to London. Living in a world of deceit and frustrated dreams.  Re-interpreted from the Chekhov masterpiece, Anya Reiss has realised a thrilling story for the 21st century. This is our Youth Group production showing as part of the Bromley Arts Festival.

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Between a Man and a Woman

Main Auditorium17/07/2022 - 19/07/2022"Between a Man and a Woman" is a gripping, thrilling and heartbreaking story of domestic abuse.  A fast paced drama that questions if abuse is a learned behavior or something that is within us?  It gives us an insight into what happens behind closed doors and whether that is actually just between husband and wife or whether it involves a larger number of people.

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Howerd’s End

Main Auditorium21/07/2022 - 21/07/2022Frankie Howerd was one of Britain’s most loved comedians for half a century. But he had a secret. And the secret’s name was Dennis. This much-acclaimed play takes you to the heart of Frankie and Dennis’ clandestine relationship, which lasted from the 1950s until Frankie’s death in 1992. It also affords a glorious opportunity to encounter Frankie in full flight stand-up mode.

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Main Auditorium22/07/2022 - 22/07/2022Singer/songwriter Simon Whitestar has led this London band since late in the last century, playing guitar-led alternative art rock. Drummer Matt Donovan has sat beside him most of the way, before Gus McKinlay (bass) and Roy Dalley (guitar) completed the current line up, which has been wowing audiences since the summer of 2016.

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The CASPA Masked Singer

Main Auditorium23/07/2022 - 23/07/2022Fundraising for CASPA, staff and members take on The Masked Singer and wear masks while singing their song, the audience can guess who's behind the mask!

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Beautiful Thing

Main Auditorium16/09/2022 - 24/09/2022Harvey’s play about two teenage boys falling in love refuses melodramatic clichés to offer a story bright with sensitivity, pathos and wit. Ste hides from his father’s anger at Jaime’s place. Since there’s nowhere else to sleep, Ste and Jaime top-and-tail in Jaime’s bed which begins a tentative, awkward relationship which unfolds with delicacy and with joy.


In the bar28/09/2022 - 02/10/2022John is a university professor about to take up permanent tenure at a prestigious university. Carol is a student of John's - a brittle undergraduate drowning beneath the weight of her studies and personal insecurities. Harassment may, or may not, have taken place and they try to resolve the situation without the benefit of counsel or, at times, common sense.

The Herd

Main Auditorium14/10/2022 - 22/10/2022It’s Andy Griffith’s 21st birthday. Not that he’s counting. But his mother, Carol, is. Counting the minutes until he arrives, counting the unexpected guests, counting the times that something like this has happened before. All that and three generations too. A witty and heartfelt look at family life when it doesn’t turn out quite the way you imagined.