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Present Laughter

Main Auditorium13/10/2023 - 21/10/2023In this quintessential Coward comedy, Garry Essendine, successful actor and loveable rogue, is having a mid-life crisis. Despite the rather imaginative efforts of his secretary and ex-wife to rein in his behaviour and keep him out of trouble, chaos inevitably ensues along with a constant stream of largely unexpected and unwelcome visitors to his London studio.

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The Zorbs

Main Auditorium15/10/2023 - 15/10/2023The ZORBS are Alternative, Indie, Pop, Funky, Rock and more…This talented and exciting local five piece will get hold of you and take you on a journey orbiting Planet ZORB. They are ‘Different’, ‘Quirky’, ‘Out There’…. Clever, entertaining, well-crafted originals and covers. Come and try their unique flavour. You may even see camels! You know if you know! Be abZORBed…

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The Incident Room

Main Auditorium10/11/2023 - 18/11/2023Set in Leeds in 1975, The Incident Room is a forensic examination of the five-year police hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper. With public pressure mounting, the investigators resorted to increasingly audacious attempts to catch one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers. The play was a huge success both in Edinburgh in 2019 and later at the New Diorama Theatre.

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There Are No Beginnings

In the bar22/11/2023 - 26/11/2023Between 1975-80, women of Leeds lived in fear of being murdered by an unknown assailant and were urged to stay home. From the fear and fury, a steadfast solidarity arose, birthing the Reclaim the Night movement and echoing down the generations to this day. Whilst the Yorkshire Ripper is ever present, this is, in essence, a story of the women living under his shadow.

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Main Auditorium08/12/2023 - 16/12/20231558 or two minutes to four in the afternoon if you prefer, and Elizabeth I has ascended to the throne just in time for tea. Lord Edmund Blackadder (the bastard great-great-grandson of the original) attempts to win her favour despite the efforts of his ineffectual acquaintances, notably the idiot Percy, and his mediocre mess of a manservant, Baldrick.

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