A Christmas Carol

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  • From: 06/12/2019
  • To: 14/12/2019
  • Starting at: 07:45 PM
  • Ending at: 12:00 AM


  • Main Auditorium
  • North Street, Bromley, BR1 1SB

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by Charles Dickens. Directed by Pauline and Dan Armour

We are proud to present this compelling adaptation of the world’s greatest Christmas story. Featuring all the characters we know and love (and love to hate), this faithful production captures the heart of Dickens’ beloved tale of redemption and compassion. On a bitter Christmas Eve, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by four ghosts who transport him to the past, present and future, showing him what his miserly selfishness has led to and the bleak future he has built for himself. Can Ebenezer be saved before it’s too late? Like Dickens’ original novel ‘Christmas Carol’ is, at heart, a ghost story. So although suitable for most of the family, very young children may find some scenes scary. Come and have your heart warmed, leave rejoicing in the Christmas sprit and in the words of Tiny Tim; “God bless us, every one”!


Ensemble – The Cast
Narrator – Terry Richards
Ebenezer Scrooge – Stephen Gray
Bob Cratchitt – Bruce Wallace
Business Men (collecting money) 1.Terry Richards, 2.Victor Botram-KIng
Fred – Howie Ripley
Carol Singer – Aneira Knight
Marley’s Ghost – Tom Dignum
Ghost of Christmas Past – Maxine Edwards
Scrooge as school boy – Alfie Gosling
Fan – Eve Chaplin
Mr Fezziwig – Terry Richards
Mrs Fezziwig – Karen O’Neill
Miss Fezziwigs – Olivia Kennett, Aneira Knight, Eve Chaplin
Dick Watkins – James Insley
Young Scrooge – Robert O’Neill
Belle – Freya Finnerty
Mr Bartram – Victor Botram -King
Young Marley – Tom Dignum
Ghost of Christmas Present – Roxana Graves
Mrs Fred – Olivia Kennett
Topper – James Insley
Party guests – Robert O’Neill, Karen O’Neill, Aneira Knight, Freya Finnerty, Eve Chaplin
Belle’s husband – Mark Dempsey
Belle’s children – Steven Bakiri, Evie Carter, Farah Navaie
Mrs Cratchitt – Heather Wain
Martha Cratchitt – Aneira Knight
Peter Cratchitt – Alfie Gosling
Tiny Tim – Steven Bakiri
Ctrachett children – Evie Carter, Farah Navaie
Commissioners – Howie Ripley, Terry Richards, Robert O’Neill, Karen O’Neill
Child workers – Alfie Gosling, Eve Chaplin, Evie Carter
Ghost of Christmas Future – Robert O’Neill
Business men -James Insley, Howie Ripley, Olivia Kennett, Freya Finnerty, Tom Dignum,
Caroline – Karen O’Neill
Caroline’s husband – Victor Botram-KIng
Old Joe – Mark Dempsey,
Mrs Dilber – Ann Morgan
Charwoman – Jan Greenhough
Old Man – Terry Richards
Poulterer – Olivia Kennett
Boy who goes for turkey – Alfie Gosling
Fred’s house maid – Eve Chaplin