Female Transport

female transport

Event Details

  • From: 09/02/2018
  • To: 17/02/2018
  • Starting at: 07:45 AM
  • Ending at: 12:00 AM


  • Main Auditorium
  • North Street, Bromley, BR1 1SB

female transport; by Steve Gooch

Directed by Tony Jenner

Set in 1807, this is the hard hitting story of six women sentenced to be transported to Britain’s overseas penal colony in Australia.

During the six month voyage they suffer under the brutish regime of the ship’s crew (representing the male dominated class system of the early 19th century).

Finding humour in the most unlikely of situations, the women fight against authority and amongst themselves, form forbidden bonds and share their suffering under tragic circumstances.


Winnie                                 Heather Wain

Madge                                  Yasmine Angeni

Nance                                   Holly Wilson

Charlotte                             Megan McGery

Sarah                                    Victoria Kenway

Pitty                                      Becca Riddleston

Captain                                 Peter Yolland

Surgeon                                Rob Widdicombe

Sarge                                     Drew McGurren

Tommy                                 Ieuan Harrild