The Unreturning

Event Details

  • From: 23/03/2023
  • To: 25/03/2023
  • Starting at: 07:45 PM
  • Ending at: 10:00 PM


  • Main Auditorium
  • North Street, Bromley, BR1 1SB

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Content Warning

Strong language and adult themes throughout including war, PTSD, sexual assault and drug use

The Unreturning

A Youth Theatre Production

By Anna Jordan

Directed by Pauline Armour and Jessica Ann Jenner

1918 – George steps back onto English soil, his head filled with memories of the trenches, his heart longing for his wife Rose.

2013 – Frankie’s home from a tour of Afghanistan, he wants to hug his mum and drink with his mates, but his mistakes are catching up with him.

2026 – Nat’s been away for two years, running away from the war in England, lost and alone, but now he’s coming back to find his brother and assuage his guilt.

Originally performed by renowned physical theatre company ‘Frantic Assembly’, ‘The Unreturning’ follows three young men coming home, three storylines weave together as they try to escape their past and find a new future.

The Unreturning has been entered into the Kent Drama Association Full Length Play Festival 2023.



George’s Story

GeorgeCian Travers-White
Henry Holden
RoseFreya Collins
Dr CohenBlue Wright
Officer/FatherJames Waterhouse
DoctorRosa Davies
Tibbs/Army BuddyAlfie Wilton
Mother/Army BuddyHannah Kempster

Frankie’s Story

FrankieAlfie Gosling
Phoebe Farnham
Luke/Army BuddyEd Riley
Ket/Army BuddyBea Thomas
Ryan/Army BuddyLeo Silva
MumIsabel Brown
TonyIsabelle Cowley

Nat’s Story

NatMegan Morrison
Martha Monahan
FinnMiles Mcleod
AldoLila Mitchell
TraffickerDiana Ariane
KimKaleria Andienko
RebelJulia Garner
EliasConnie Dossetter