News about filmed and audio performances

The Trojan Women

Rob Widdicombe is now editing together the recordings made by Andy Shaw, as well as adding foley, sound effects, other treatments and music. The early versions are sounding great. This radio production of ‘The Trojan Women’ will be entered into the Kent Drama Association Festival in March and will be shared with all members once the adjudication has been finalised. Watch out for May 22nd!

Youth Group Production

The Youth Theatre has recorded several pieces over Zoom and these are being edited by Dave Jones and Jess Jenner. They will be in a private stream to the parents in March.

Other filmed and audio projects

The Artistic Team continue to look at several options. Initial plans are to record over Zoom. Later projects may be like the Dickens project with very small casts acting indoors or outside, some with a mini set, and some using a green screen.

These projects include:

  • A Shakespeare compilation of songs and sketches by well known writers. It will be recorded over Zoom, edited and then published on YouTube.
  • ‘Wilde Wilde Women’ inspired by the plays of Oscar Wilde. This project takes scenes from his plays and will be recorded on Zoom, edited and then published on YouTube.
  • We are also looking at the play ‘Dinner with Friends’ by Donald Margulies suggested by Hilary Cordery which might lend itself to a ’Staged’ type approach.
  • We are discussing another radio play project like ‘The Trojan Women’.
We need people interested in helping with filming and recording. Projects will use at least a basic kit of camera, lights, microphone. Some may use a green screen or more than one camera. For radio plays we need people to help with recording remotely and then editing the show together. Rob Widdicome and Andy Shaw are happy to help and guide. As we don’t know what changes in Covid restrictions will allow us, we don’t yet know if we could, for example, offer a one- or two-person crew, or else just provide advice remotely. Some directors may want help with post production. If BLT purchases equipment, we will need a tech to check out this equipment, manage a stock list, check and clean it on return and manage the store. Please get in touch now by email to Simon Tyrrell-Lewis sound@bromleylittletheatre.org

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