12 Nov 2018

Listen to what audiences think about Gaslight!

Our main house show, Gaslight, runs till the 17th of November. Click here to book tickets. 

02 Nov 2018

Review of Pygmalion

The theatre-goer off to see Pygmalion when it was first performed in London would probably have been surprised. Until George Bernard Shaw’s play, what an educated person would have known about Pygmalion, if they knew anything at all, was that it was the name of a Greek sculptor-king who fell in love with his statue when it came to life. It was a classical story then best known from translations of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and from the poetry of William Morris […]

01 Nov 2018

BLT Christmas Party!!

Save the date! The season to be jolly will soon be upon us, so make sure you save the 21st December for our Playgoers Christmas Party. More details to follow. Anyone interested in being part of the festive entertainment team or can play an instrument, sing, dance, tell a joke, do some magic, or have another special talent please do get in contact with Roxana as soon as possible.  

29 Oct 2018

Review of Entertaining Angels

By Peter Yolland Richard Everett’s bitter-sweet comedy set in a quintessentially English vicarage garden opened in 2006 to sell-out shows at the Chichester Festival. It follows Grace, a recently widowed vicar’s wife coming to terms with his passing, the loss of her family home to the potential new incumbent, the return of her missionary sister and a daughter with her own issues. It thus provides lots of scope for long hidden secrets to be unearthed and relationships examined. The play […]

25 Oct 2018

Watch Colleen Baston and cast talk about Gaslight

Want to find out more about our November main house show? Check out the video below to hear the director and her cast talk about the show. Then click here to get your tickets 

17 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018

Watch Pauline Armour and cast talk about King Charles III

Want to find out what’s going behind the scenes with our October main house show, King Charles III? Of course you do! Click the link below to watch director Pauline Armour and some of the cast  talk about the show…….then rush to get your tickets here!

02 Sep 2018

our new 2019 season – the secret’s out!

Our exciting new season for 2019 was announced on 1st September. To see details, click here!

31 Aug 2018

review of snake in the grass

By Patrick Neylan You’ve got to admire Alan Ayckbourn, even if you belong to the significant cadre of theatregoers who regard his work as hackneyed village-hall fodder. Back in 1979, Peter Hall described him as “one of the most talented … richest dramatists in the world”, but even then his plays were starting to be seen as too comfortable, complacent and predictable and much of his 80s work has dated badly. Yet 2001 saw a move away from the trivial […]

28 Aug 2018

review of our july youth group show

By Laura Ings-Self The talent present in BLT’s youth group is obvious from the appearances several members have made on the main stage and in the bar, but the true scope of the ability apparent in their number – and the high standards set by Jessica-Ann Jenner and Pauline Armour – was overwhelmingly showcased in the triple bill of one-act plays the group performed.  We began with a two-hander featuring Josh Williams-Ward and Victor Poland. Staged as a rehearsed reading, […]