23 Apr 2018

joseph k – cast announcement

Director Patrick Neylan announces his cast for Joseph K by Tom Basden; Joe Dominic – Joseph K Laura Ashenden – Wendy, Leni, Rose, Yvette Tom Dignum – Gabriel, Bear and others Glenn Aylott – Nathan, Ian Huld and others Daniel Needham – Dan and others

12 Apr 2018

Want to see what the “new” BLT will look like?

Keith Jeremiah, our board member leading the building development work is now able to share the latest draft plans for our theatre. So, if you’d like to see what it will look like, click here!

10 Apr 2018

review of stones in his pockets

By Nikki Packham I saw this play in London when it first opened and really enjoyed it. I remember rows and rows of shoes. Tonight at Bromley Little Theatre I saw rows of jackets and caps pinned to washing lines and they served the two actors playing multiple roles just as well as the shoes would have done. We all know the Republic of Ireland has a thriving film industry and many of the most famous names in Hollywood have […]

02 Apr 2018

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY – Sunday 13th May

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY in the BLT Theatre – Sunday 13th May at 7-45 Clueless Theatre present: Debbie Griffiths and Piers Newman in ‘Two’ by Jim Cartwright, directed by Kyle Cluett. Directed by Kyle in 2014 ‘Two’ was performed by Debbie and Piers in the BLT bar and won all the bar show accolades at the Sarnies for that year. You now have an opportunity to see this award winning production for the first time……..or again! Piers is raising money […]

23 Mar 2018

Additional audition for role of Howie in Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay Abaire, directed by Andy Solts Playing dates – 8 June to 16 June   There will be an audition at 6-00 on Sunday 15 April at BLT for the role of Howie (male, mid 30s – mid 40s). A credible American accent is required. Rehearsals begin at the end of April. For more info on this Pulitzer prize winning play, click here. For further details and a script please email Andy Solts

23 Mar 2018

Digital Marketing – can you help us?

Over the next year or two we want to reach out to a broader and more diverse community and continue to put maximum effort into our fund-raising work. We see digital marketing as a key enabler, but it can be confusing area, particularly if, like me, you don’t know very much about it! So, take a quick look through the following bullet points…..and if you can tick off a few, you could be just the person we need to help […]

23 Mar 2018

Can you help us find a Finance Director?

We are looking for an experienced Finance Director to join our Board and play a key role in our reBuilt campaign to raise funds for redeveloping our theatre. He or she would provide expert advice to help us structure and present our financial business case to potential funding sources (e.g. lottery, arts council, corporate supporters etc.). If you think you might be able to help us, or know of someone who might, please email Dave Armour to find out more.

19 Mar 2018

latest news on our fund-raising

There’s lots of fund-raising activity going on at the moment, click here for the latest news and find out how you can get involved!

19 Mar 2018

review of proof

by Alan Nelson I fell in love with David Auburn’s play the first time I saw it. But as it ended, I turned to my then 12-year-old son and saw he had his mouth open. “Is that it?” he said. “They talk about maths for two hours and then it finishes?” So, I understand that despite its Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award, a play seemingly about maths and academia with a soppy love story thrown in is not an easy […]

02 Mar 2018

review of female transport

by Patrick Neylan Like the 19th Century prison ship bound for Australia where it’s set, Steve Gooch’s Female Transport creaks and leaks a little with age. Written in 1974, it now suffers by comparison with Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Our Country’s Good, written a decade and a half later and covering much the same themes only with more depth. But ‘by comparison’ is the crucial phrase here. Female Transport is by no means a bad play and the audiences enjoyed the unusual […]