02 Mar 2018

pygmalion – cast announcement

Director Jane Buckland announces her cast for Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw; Henry Higgins                Chris de Pury Eliza Doolittle                 Megan McGery Captain Pickering           Drew McGurren Mrs Pearce                       Sue Williams Mr Doolittle                     Richard Gissing Freddy  Eynsford-Hill    Gavin Dyer Clara Eynsford-Hill […]

26 Feb 2018

more news on our fund-raising

There’s lots of fund-raising activity going on at the moment, click here for the latest news and find out how you can get involved!

26 Feb 2018

the sarnies – the winners

Saturday night was sarnies night at BLT and a fantastic time was had by all – click here to see who was nominated and who won!

23 Feb 2018

want to see what our new theatre will look like one day? – video now showing here!

As we continue to progress design ideas for our theatre with our specialist architects – Keith Jeremiah, our board member leading the development work has made a Before and After video which gives us a great idea of what we are working towards. It lasts just under three minutes, so click here if you’d like to see it.

21 Feb 2018

review of bad jews

by Patrick Neylan Bad Jews is a comedy, as you’d expect from those perennial comedy tropes: death, Zionism and the Holocaust. The set-up is simple: Holocaust survivor Poppy has died, and the family has gathered for his funeral. Into a New York hotel room are squeezed prickly, zealous Diana – who prefers to go by the Hebrew variant Daphna – and her cousin Jonah. Jess Jenner’s Daphna is a whirlwind of manipulation as she bullies Jonah – played by Robert […]

05 Feb 2018

review of private lives

by richard stewart Right everyone, put down the mince pies and sherry: it’s time for a brand-new year at Bromley Little Theatre. The 2018 season has officially begun and brings with it another set of shows from your favourite North Street bakery-turned-playhouse. 2018 is looking to be a year themed on ‘family’: a casual glance down the season and nearly every play seems to be about sisters, parents, wives, husbands, relationships among friends and every other possible combination. It only […]

02 Feb 2018

latest reBuiLT fundraising news

Lots of fund-raising activity has been going on and much more is planned for this year. Click here to read more about it and get involved.

26 Jan 2018

the wicked lady – casting announcement

Director Jessica-Ann Jenner announces her cast for The Wicked Lady by Bryony Lavery; Barbara Skelton – Holly Wilson Ralph Skelton – Andre James Paulina – Niamh Clark Hogarth – John Turnbull Ned Cotterell – Raph Phillips Jerry Jackson – James Mercer Ensemble Yasmine Angeni Heather Wain Becca Riddlestone James Jaggs Giles Tebbitts Rob Widdicombe For more information about the play click here.

24 Jan 2018

fancy a chance to act at the churchill theatre studio?

James Hay, a former member of BLT, has written and is directing a one act play Fire Bird at the Churchill Theatre Studio on Saturday 21st April at 3-00 and 8-00. James needs one male and one female actor, both in their late 20s/early 30s. The female actor needs to look as if she could be a prima ballerina – although there is no dancing in the play. There is no fee but it sounds like a great opportunity and […]

24 Jan 2018

Snake in the Grass – casting announcement

Director Nikki Packham announces her cast for Snake in the Grass by Alan Ayckbourn; Annabel Chester – Debbie Hedges Miriam Chester – Heather Wain Alice Moody – Maxine Edwards For more information about the play click here.