19 Dec 2018

Director Jessica Ann Jenner introduces ‘Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense’

Want to hear more about what’s going on behind the scenes of our January main house show. Just watch the video below…. then rush to get your tickets here.

19 Dec 2018

5-star review of The Comedy of Errors

“…an amazing production that could teach some of the best professional companies in the country a thing or two about comedy.” Read the 5-star review of our festive production of The Comedy of Errors… we are just a little bit proud of our director, cast and crew! Click here to read the review

10 Dec 2018

Listen to what audiences think about ‘The Comedy of Errors’

Our main house show, The Comedy of Errors, runs till the 15th of December. Click here to book tickets

02 Dec 2018

Pride and Prejudice – cast announcement

Director Julie Binysh announces her cast for Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennet – Megan McGery Mr Darcy – James Jaggs One – Heather Wain Two – Emily Roach Three – Alice Foster Four – Jacob McCloskey Five – Steve Williams

02 Dec 2018

Playgoers Xmas Party – Friday 21st December

Join us for an evening of music, magic and mayhem. The annual BLT Christmas bash is upon us, and we’ve got a packed evening’s entertainment. There’ll be live music, magic, Christmas carols and our very own interpretation of the Nativity. Book your tickets. U18s must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

28 Nov 2018

Review of ‘Blink’ by Paul Campion

The irony of the rise of social media is that it’s making us increasingly anti-social. A quick survey of any bar, coffee shop or train carriage reveals people interacting with their phones and tablets rather than with each other. Is it because virtual relationships are easier to handle than real ones? Phil Porter’s ‘Blink’ takes an intriguing and thought-provoking look at that question. A two-hander, the play tells the story of Jonah and Sophie, two lonely young outcasts in London […]

28 Nov 2018

Director Hilary Cordery introduces ‘The Comedy of Errors’ at Bromley Little Theatre

Want to find out what’s going behind the scenes with our December main house show, Comedy of Errors? Of course you do! Click the link below to watch director Hilary Cordery, the director, talk about the show…….then rush to get your tickets here!

24 Nov 2018

Gaslight Review by Steve Williams

Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton Review by Steve Williams Gaslight, albeit written in 1938, is the epitome of the Victorian melodrama. There is the evil villain, the downtrodden spouse, the interesting characters below stairs and the intriguing and slightly irascible stranger. When the curtain opened, we were presented with the archetypal Victorian drawing room, complete with a multitude of paintings and the obligatory chaise-longue. The set was brilliantly designed by Richard Gissing and gave us everything you would expect from a […]

24 Nov 2018

Young Marx – cast announced!!

Director Pauline Armour announces her cast for YOUNG MARX by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman Cast: Karl Marx – Howie Ripley Friedrich Engels – Robert O’Neill Jenny Von Westphalen – Alison Green Jenny Caroline ‘Oui Oui’ Marx – tbc Guido ‘Fawksey’ Marx – tbc Helene ‘Nym’ Demuth – Bethan Boxall August Von Willich – Bruce Wallace Emmanuel Barthelemy – Christakis Spyrou Konrad Schramm – Jennie Mesure Gert ‘Doc’ Schmidt – Roxana Graves Sergeant Savage – Giles Tebbitts Constable Crimp – […]

12 Nov 2018

Review of ‘The Silence of Snow’ by Clive Lees

‘The Silence of Snow’ was the latest instalment in BLT’s Sunday Night offerings. If you are not familiar with them, do take note of them as they provided a rich and diverse range of entertainment. This was an accomplished piece of dramatized story telling.  At times, a ‘regular’ play yet, with frequent breaches of the fourth wall, the audience were drawn into the story telling. The play starts with a bone-chilling uncertainty – mist hangs, literally, in the auditorium (the […]