27 Mar 2019

Director Pauline Armour introduces ‘Young Marx’

See what Director Pauline Armour says about our next show, Young Marx which runs from the 5th to 13th of April. It is a riotous romp through 1850’s London! It is thought-provoking and very, very funny so make sure you don’t miss it and click here to book tickets.

11 Mar 2019

Pride and Prejudice – the BLT audience give their verdict

Watch the video below to see what audiences think about Pride and Prejudice and then click here to buy tickets.

06 Mar 2019

Review of ‘Terra Nova’ by Ted Tally

Directed by Paul Ackroyd Review by Patrick Neylan When a cold February blast blows up North Street, it’s comforting to snuggle into the BLT auditorium to witness the story of a group of men suffering in a considerably colder climate than you are. And a gratifyingly large number of people turned out to see Terra Nova, a dramatised account of Captain Robert Scott’s expedition to the South Pole in 1911. Those feelings are tempered by the knowledge that you’re watching […]

28 Feb 2019

Director Julie Binysh and her cast introduce ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Want to find out more about Bromley Little Theatre’s production of Pride and Predjudice? Watch the video below and then click here to book tickets.

26 Feb 2019

Sarnies awards 2018!!

Thank you to everybody who made the Sarnies such a great evening, to all those who made nominations and presented, to our wonderful backstage team of Jasmine, Alicia and Emma,our troupe of hosts – Bethan, Howie and Jess and of course to all those who helped behind the bar and in the kitchen. Award for Scenic Design Jan Greenhough Award for set construction Mike Tully Special thanks to the fundraising team Award for unusual prop creation Michelle Ashton Outstanding contribution […]

21 Feb 2019

New appointments to our Board

Following our call out a few weeks ago, we are delighted to announce that Jacqui Nelson and Alison Green will be joining our Board of Trustees. Jacqui has already started and Alison will be “on board” in April. We think they will be a great addition to our team and we’re delighted to welcome them.

19 Feb 2019

Review of ‘The Children’ by Lucy Kirkwood

Directed by Patrick Neylan Hazel and Robin are retired nuclear scientists. They live just outside the exclusion zone of a nuclear reactor disaster – a nuclear reactor that they had some unspecified part in creating. Rationed electricity and a Geiger counter, on hand to check for signs of radiation, are the most noticeable outwards signs of its impact, but the disaster has also taken its toll on the psychology of each of the protagonists in other ways. But first the […]

10 Feb 2019

Listen to what audiences think about ‘Terra Nova’

Our main house production of ‘Terra Nova’ runs until Saturday 16th February. Click here to buy tickets.

31 Jan 2019

Review of King Charles III by Mike Bartlett

I’m very sorry to interrupt 2019 everyone, but I’m going to have to drag you kicking and screaming back into 2018 for just a few hundred words. Do you remember that bygone era? Real-life spy drama in Salisbury, scorching summer temperatures, Brexit and President Trump still both (somehow) things that are actually happening? It is wonderful then that we have our cosy little Bromley theatre to provide blissful escapism from the harrowing politics of British constitutional crises. What a treat […]

31 Jan 2019

Director Paul Ackroyd introduces our February production of ‘Terra Nova’

If you want to find out more about ‘Terra Nova’ watch the video below. Then click here to buy tickets.