09 May 2018

sunday nights at BLT

We are delighted to announce our programme for this autumn’s Sunday Night at BLT – part of our fund-raising activity for the theatre; Click here for details.

04 May 2018

our may BLTin

If you haven’t had time to read our May BLTin newsletter yet, or enjoyed it so much you’d like to read it again, no need to search through all those emails, you can find it here! If you haven’t signed up for the BLTin you can do so by clicking here!

27 Apr 2018

See all the latest news on our latest BLTin

Have you caught up with all the latest news on our fund-raising and other theatre activity yet? If not or you want to remind yourself, click here to see our latest BLTin…. hot off the (virtual) press!

26 Apr 2018

entertaining angels – cast announcement

Director Michael Darbon announces his cast for Entertaining Angels, by Richard Everett; Grace                                    Nikki Packham Ruth                                      Ann Ashenden Bardolph                             Paul Ackroyd Jo                                            Lucy Camacho Sarah                                     Zoe Farrow Click here for information about the play.

26 Apr 2018

Review of The Wicked Lady

By Chris Cullen How lucky is the person who finds their true vocation in life. In the case of Lady Barbara Skelton, trapped in a dull marriage and frustrated by the life of a country lady, the discovery ultimately brings about her ruin. She becomes a highwayman. The Wicked Lady is an adaptation by Bryony Lavery of the historical novel Life and Death of the Wicked Lady Skelton by Magdalen King-Hall. The novel itself is loosely based on the seventeenth […]

23 Apr 2018

edgar and annabel – cast announcement

Director Jane Lobb announces her cast for Edgar and Annabelle by Sam Holcroft; Marianne – Joanna Gleeson Nick – Robert O’Neill Miller – Findlay Harrison-Phipps Tara – Laura Ashenden Marc – Joe Dominic Anthony – Raphael Olu Claire – TBC

23 Apr 2018

king charles III – cast announcement

Director Pauline Armour announces her cast for King Charles III by Mike Bartlett; Charles – Gerald Bishop Camilla – Tricia Osborne- King William – Howie Ripley Kate – Bethan Boxhall Harry – Luke Dahill Jess – Laela Henley- Rowe Mr Evans – Kerrin Roberts Mrs Stevens – Julie Binysh James Reiss – Bruce Wallace Clive, Sir Gordon and friend of Harry, Ensemble – James Jaggs Spenser, Paul, Ensemble – Allen Sproule Cootsy, Ensemble- Pete Ditchburn Speaker of House, Head of […]

23 Apr 2018

joseph k – cast announcement

Director Patrick Neylan announces his cast for Joseph K by Tom Basden; Joe Dominic – Joseph K Laura Ashenden – Wendy, Leni, Rose, Yvette Tom Dignum – Gabriel, Bear and others Glenn Aylott – Nathan, Ian Huld and others Daniel Needham – Dan and others

12 Apr 2018

Want to see what the “new” BLT will look like?

Keith Jeremiah, our board member leading the building development work is now able to share the latest draft plans for our theatre. So, if you’d like to see what it will look like, click here!

10 Apr 2018

review of stones in his pockets

By Nikki Packham I saw this play in London when it first opened and really enjoyed it. I remember rows and rows of shoes. Tonight at Bromley Little Theatre I saw rows of jackets and caps pinned to washing lines and they served the two actors playing multiple roles just as well as the shoes would have done. We all know the Republic of Ireland has a thriving film industry and many of the most famous names in Hollywood have […]