28 Feb 2021

News about filmed and audio performances

The Trojan Women Rob Widdicombe is now editing together the recordings made by Andy Shaw, as well as adding foley, sound effects, other treatments and music. The early versions are sounding great. This radio production of ‘The Trojan Women’ will be entered into the Kent Drama Association Festival in March and will be shared with all members once the adjudication has been finalised. Watch out for May 22nd! Youth Group Production The Youth Theatre has recorded several pieces over Zoom […]

28 Feb 2021

News about our stage show ‘Handbagged’

The ‘Handbagged’ team is ready for a final series of onsite rehearsals. The show will play to a live audience but we’re not sure of the size, the number of shows and of course when it will happen. We are planning to live stream the performance and record it for streaming after post-production as a backup and a new venture to enable us to offer a show to audiences who are anxious about coming to the theatre. We will need […]

28 Feb 2021

We are delighted to offer….

a host of varied and interesting ways to get involved with BLT ‘behind the stage’ and be part of our thriving, friendly and succesful community. Please see the highlights on this download for all we have to offer!

16 Feb 2021


‘THE TROJAN WOMEN’, our entry to the KDA Audio Play Festival, is nearing completion thanks to the hard work and patience of our actors and wonderful technical team. They have shown such dedication and perseverance to get it right and make it sound as if we are all outside the walls of Troy and not scattered around South East London and Kent hidden in wardrobes, shrouded with duvets to dub down the sound. Now it’s the ‘big edit’ to add […]

09 Feb 2021

Appeal for Information on Arts Groups

A message from Keith Jeremiah, our Chairman:- Looking Forward – with your help You don’t need me to tell you that the mental strains and isolation of the past year have had a devastating effect on many people and organisations, but I hope you will agree with me that there is much we can do to try to make it easier for those affected to recover and to rebuild their life. BLT has reached out to the Bromley Arts Trust […]

09 Feb 2021

Could you be our new Box Office Manager?

Paul, our current Manager has this to say about the role:- It’s a great role for being in the centre of what is going on at BLT. You meet lots of people, both the creative types and audience members, and you’re doing something which is, of course, critical to the theatre: no box office, no tickets, no money, no theatre! I’ve also been able to bring about quite a lot of change: eight years ago, most bookings were made over […]

16 Jan 2021


If you fancy working on an original piece for an audio production, Jane Lobb is keen to lead a project of this type. The process would involve improvisation resulting in an audio script which we would record and share with our BLT members. Jane would love to hear from people who would like to engage with this approach – please contact her at janelobb@hotmail.co.uk and please copy Pauline Armour to assist with organisation especially of ZOOM meetings as required DEADLINE […]

16 Jan 2021

Another 2 opportunities to be in a filmed performance

‘Wilde Wilde Women’ inspired by the plays of Oscar Wilde. As Wilde is in the public domain, a project which takes scenes from his plays celebrating in particular his fantastic female characters (though his male characters will be included) would film well as they are quite static and rely upon the sparkling language. If you are interested in being involved in a Wilde project please let Pauline Armour know by 1 February at the latest so that scenes can be […]

16 Jan 2021

Could you be in a filmed performance?

We are looking at small cast plays and scenes from plays which we could film in a similar way to the BBC’s ‘Staged’ with David Tennant and Martin Sheen. Of course we won’t have the BBC’s highly sophisticated production team, but we are investing in some green screen equipment which we can lend to participants to film themselves at home and then we can add an appropriate background. Projects for which you can sign up now are: ‘The Shakespeare Review’ […]

15 Jan 2021

Update on current activities

We are still rehearsing ‘Handbagged’ over ZOOM and will be ready to perform our socially distanced production as soon as it is safe to re-open the theatre. Keep your eye on the BLTin and our BLT website for further details of when tickets will be available. Photograph 51 has also been postponed until the way forward is clearer. Rehearsals are ongoing for our radio production of ‘The Trojan Women’ which will be submitted into the Kent Drama Association Festival in […]