Our latest newsletter 31 Jan 2024

Dave Armour
We are deeply saddened to tell you that our dear friend and Trustee of Bromley Little Theatre, Dave Armour, has died. We will miss him terribly and a full appreciation of the huge impact he had on our theatre will follow soon.
It’s a triple-show month! First up:
Enter the seductive and decadent world of Victorian London where beauty masks malevolence and morality is put to the ultimate test.  Oscar Wilde’s classic brings to life the story of a young man who trades his soul for eternal youth and beauty, offering a spine-tingling study of the perilous descent of a man untethered by conscience. Don’t miss it!
Watch the trailer:
Trailer for ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’
Then our first Bromley Blues Club presentation: ‘West’ Weston – live at BLT!

Bromley Blues Club are proud and excited to announce Steve ‘West’ Weston for the first of a series of shows at Bromley Little Theatre.   Steve holds a high reputation from his audience, reviewers and peers as a top harmonica player. His performance of Chicago and West Coast harp playing is held in high regard globally and rightly so too. Come and hear for yourself!   Sunday 11th February BOOK NOW
And finally, this month’s brilliant Bar show:

A mysterious and thrilling drama about the secrets we bury and a family striving to make sense of their memories of the past and of each other.     Why do they hate and how can they forgive?  When each possesses their own version of the truth, what is the resolution that will finally bring them peace?   21 – 25 February (in the Bar) BOOK NOW
Coming soon and booking now:

Bill Bryson’s much-loved travelogue about his journeys the length and breadth of the British Isles sold two million copies and spent three years on bestseller lists.   Tim Whitnall’s brilliantly entertaining adaptation follows Bryson’s adventures, asking just what it is that makes Britain so great. Don’t miss out – book now!   8 – 16 March BOOK NOW
Metamorphoses A BLT Youth Group presentation Dive into a night of mythical tales at Bromley Little Theatre! Metamorphoses unfolds classic myths with humour and imagination, promising an evening where every story comes alive with enchanting twists and turns. This bold reinterpretation brought to the stage by our award winning youth theatre, breathes new life into Ovid’s Metamorphoses and is a must-see!   21 – 23 March BOOK NOW
Judy and Johnny Martin are the perfect ‘1950s’ couple. Whilst her husband is at work, Judy lives her fantasy of being the dream housewife. However, this domestic bliss is not what it seems and, behind the gingham curtains, how happily married are they?   Laura Wade’s biting satire won the 2019 Olivier Award for Best New Comedy. Don’t miss out – book now!   12 – 20 April BOOK NOW

This emotional and absorbing play shows the lives of a mother and her two daughters as they attempt to cope with the effects of a lifetime of domestic violence.     Beautifully crafted and poignant, the play explores themes of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit.  Winner of Best Play and Best Drama when it first showcased.  Not to be missed!   24 – 28 April in the Bar BOOK NOW
Raffle Runner needed. Are you just the ticket?
Starting with our February show we’ll be holding monthly raffles to raise much-needed funds for BLT. We need volunteers to help, starting with a raffle co-ordinator! You’ll need to organise a team of volunteers to sell raffle tickets on each night of our shows. (Don’t worry, we already have a list of willing volunteers we can call on).   You’ll also need to find someone to source prizes or source them yourself (we’ll be limiting the prizes to BLT season tickets and restaurant vouchers, so this shouldn’t involve too much work).   Sound like just the ticket for you?  Email us now at blt.fundraising@bromleylittletheatre.org

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