playgoers AGM – this friday

It is the AGM of our playgoers committee this Friday 20th July at 8.00pm at the theatre.
This is the team that represents the interests of all our members and any member can vote.
This year 13 people are standing for election or re-election. That’s a record and as there are only 10 places available, there will need to be a vote. Here’s a list of the people standing;
Pauline Pead – current committee member
Christina Jeremiah – current committee member
Clive Lees
Jacqui Nelson
Peter Yolland
Roxy Graves
Piers Newman
Gavin Dyer
Simon Tyrell – Lewis
Rob Widdicombe
Patrick Neylan
Emma Christmas
Yasmine Angeni
So come along on the night, listen, make your views known…..and vote!

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