Pull Up A Chair, with our Chair! Some feedback


One of the suggestions that arose from ‘the pull up a chair’ initiative with Hilary Cordery, our Chair, is that we formalise a mentoring programme for prospective directors who need to gain experience prior to initially submitting ideas for a possible bar production.

This has happened informally for some years with some members shadowing experienced directors to gain experience to help them decide if directing is a route they would like to follow.

The Board agrees that it would be helpful to have a more structured approach based around working alongside an experienced director on one of our main house productions in 2018. So, if you’re interested in directing in the future – but have not had experience –  email or call me on 07984 722 308 before 30th November to talk about when in 2018 you can commit to a mentoring programme and to find out more information.


Another suggestion is for  ‘a members’ choice’ production to be included in the BLT Season. Again  this has happened in the past and both ‘A Flea in Her Ear’ and ‘The Government Inspector’ were put forward by members.

Currently directors are invited to submit plays they are keen to direct across a range of genres. All these are read by a small group of members which is broadly representative of our membership in terms of age and gender. This group advises the Artistic Director and also suggests plays they may have seen or read about. Last year in preparation for 2018 we read over 60 plays. We aim not to repeat shows that have been performed at BLT in the past 20 years and of course we can only perform plays for which performing rights are available. We are mindful of the need to produce an eclectic season covering a range of genres and acting opportunities for men and women across a wide age range. We also need directors who are willing and able to direct plays they may not have put forward.

We will begin planning our 2019 Season around March 2018 and we would welcome play suggestions from the BLT membership by the end of February 2018. Before submitting an idea please check the archive on our website to see when the play was last performed at BLT if it is a revival (for season 2019 that means before 1999). If the play is very new and currently on in the West End or on a national tour, it is very unlikely that rights would be available – but don’t worry too much about this as we will check rights before we start reading.

Please email your suggestions to me, or if you prefer by post to Pauline Armour, 16 St John’s Vale, London SE8 4EN r give me a call on 07984 722 308

We look forward to hearing from you!

Pauline Armour – Artistic Director BLT

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