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Latest News on our Building Development Project

An important phase of our Building Development project has been completed.  The work was mainly done in the ground floor rehearsal, dressing room and storage areas – and we’re delighted with the improvements that have been made.

Two teams of volunteers from Direct Line and Hanson Regan then painted the stairway and rehearsal rooms – and Hanson Regan very kindly paid for all the materials too!

So, on the ground floor to the right of the theatre building as you turn off Compass Lane, we now have: –

  • New dressing rooms;
  • A new accessible toilet for cast & crew;
  • A larger rehearsal room/community space which can be separated by soundproof partition doors;
  • A new accessible stage door;
  • New fire exit stairway;
  • More wing space; and,
  • A new technical room (on the auditorium level).

Below are some of these changes:-

Following On

We have set up a Follow-On Works team to identify smaller projects to enhance the completed areas and make various improvements recommended by Access and Eco audits of the theatre building.

With help from volunteers and PPL, our friendly neighbourhood builder, we have completed:

  • A new kitchenette and toilet (costs covered by a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund);
  • Backstage staircase removed to create extra storage space;
  • Toilet area in the bar renovated;
  • Building/repair work finished;
  • Part of wall area in the bar re-painted;
  • Ground-floor hallway plastered and decorated

And Now …

We are keen to press ahead with the next phase of the building works.

This will include: –

The long-awaited new theatre entrance; accessible stairs and lift at the front of the building creating a much improved welcome for all abilities.

Replacing the existing bridge between the two main areas of the building to form a new foyer area alongside the existing bar (which will be moved to a central location).

If you are more technical, the full planning application can be found here.

Or head straight to the proposed first floor plans here.

Estimated cost for this work is £595,000. The theatre will contribute £100,000 from its own funds so that means raising £495,000. We hope to secure grant funding for £400,000 and our aim is to raise £95,000 from members and supporters, local businesses and organisations.

Please see our fundraising page for more ways you can help today!

And help us get BLT