BLT’s Annual Sarnies Awards 2014

This year’s Sarnies Awards Ceremony took place on Saturday 28th February 2015

The award winners (in bold) and nominees were as follows:

Favourite Production

My Boy Jack
Clybourne Park

Favourite Bar Show

All the Great Books
Night of January 16th

Award for Direction

Pauline Armour (Clybourne Park)
Pauline and Dave Armour (Great Expectations)
Tony Jenner (My Boy Jack)

Actor in a Leading Role

Paul Campion (Stalin, Collaborators)
Howie Ripley (Karl/Steve, Clybourne Park)
Steve Williams (Rudyard Kipling, My Boy Jack)

Actress in a Leading Role

Hilary Cordery (Bev/Cathy, Clybourne Park)
Alison Green (Miss Havisham/Soldier, Great Expectations)
Jessica Webb (Ruth Ellis,  The Thrill Of Love)

Actor in a Supporting Role

Kyle Cluett (Guardsman Bowe, My Boy Jack)
Andy Solts (Joe Gargery/Jaggers/Bentley Drummle, Great Expectations)
Wayne Sheridan (Babbybobby,The CrippIe Of Inishmaan)

Actress in a Supporting Role

Debbie Griffiths (Mrs Joe/Biddy/Wemmick, Great Expectations)
Jane Buckland (Arabella Lazenby, RolePlay)
Laura Kenward (Betsey/Lindsey, Clybourne Park)

Actor in a Smaller Role

Paul Ackroyd (Major Sparks, My Boy Jack)
Mike Savill (Moliere, Collaborators)
Richard Stewart (Mr Frankland, My Boy Jack)

Actress in a Smaller Role

Jessica-Ann Jenner (Actor, Collaborators)
Charis Anna Beyer (Actor, Collaborators)
Jan Greenhough ((Mrs Gen. Secretary/Lagrange, Collaborators)

Actor in a Bar Show

Piers Newman (All male roles, Two)
Paul Baker (Larry ‘Guts’ Regan, Night of January 16th)
Paul Campion (Defence Attorney Flint, Night of January 16th)

Actress in a Bar Show

Debbie Griffiths (All female roles, Two)
Alison Green (Karen Andre, Night of January 16th)
Fiona Cullen (Sigrid Jungquist, Night of January 16th)

Actor or Actress under 21

Jack Evans (Bartly, The Cripple Of Inishmaan)
Imogen Rampton (Miss Rampton, All The Great Books)
Ninoushka Gomes (Servant, Julius Caesar)

Tech support for a Bar Show

Kyle Cluett & Wayne Sheridan (Two)
Dave Jones & Kerstin Beard (Night of January 16th)
Wayne Sheridan & Jessica-Ann Jenner (All The Great Books)

Male Newcomer

Piers Newman (All male roles, Two)
Chris Nelson (Albert/Kevin, Clybourne Park)
Richard Toynton (Cassius, Julius Caesar)

Female Newcomer

Maxine Edwards (Francine/Lena, Clybourne Park)
Helen Rowe (Doris Judd, The Thrill Of Love)
Sarah Hinchliffe (Lady Bracknell, The Importance Of Being Earnest)

Costume Design

Kerstin Beard & Emma Kerby-Evans (My Boy Jack)
Kerstin Beard (Clybourne Park)
Kerstin Beard (Great Expectations)

Sound Design

Colin Adams (My Boy Jack)
Mike Savill, Tom Dignum & Jessica-Ann Jenner (Collaborators)
Colin Adams & Tom Dignum (Great Expectations)

Lighting Design

Dave Armour & Howard Binysh (Great Expectations)
Howard Binysh (Collaborators)
Andy Howell (My Boy Jack)

Set Design

Tony Jenner (My Boy Jack)
Tony Jenner (Collaborators)
Tony Jenner (Clybourne Park)
Dave Armour (Great Expectations)

Properties & Set Dressing

Jessica-Ann Jenner & Daphne Matthews (My Boy Jack)
Daphne Matthews (Clybourne Park)
Jan Greenhough & Tom Collins (The Cripple Of Inishmaan)

Unsung Hero

Jessica-Ann Jenner

Outstanding contribution in 2014

Pat Jones

Lifetime Achievement

Nikki Packham