Seating Guide

main auditorium

With a capacity of 108 seats, our main auditorium has 11 rows of fixed, gently-raked tip-up seats, which ensures that everyone enjoys a great view of the performance. We have created a seating guide with further information and details, including:

  • Seat width and height
  • Legroom/seat pitch
  • Row-by-row guide, indicating extra legroom
  • Wheelchair seating
  • Hearing impairments

Please download our seating guide here.

bar shows

Our bar shows have a seating capacity of 45 and take place right in the centre of the bar, creating an intimate and up-close experience. Our seating guide provides further details, including: 

  • Church pew seating
  • Chair seating
  • Wheelchair seating

Please download our seating guide here.