Separate tables opens this Friday!

Don’t miss our Rattigan classic, opening this Friday!

Separate Tables   By Terence Rattigan Directed by Hilary Cordery & Kay O’Dea  

In a 1950’s Bournemouth hotel where the furnishings and the residents have both seen better days, secrets and scandal lie beneath the carefully-placed tablecloths. Marooned on separate tables, Rattigan presents a rich collection of characters who superbly present the vulnerability, loneliness and misplaced pride of lives essentially unfulfilled. Don’t miss it!   12 – 20 May at 7.45pm Book now
Watch the trailer here:
Trailer for 'Separate Tables' at Bromley Little Theatre 12 - 20th May
     Coming next month and booking now…

A Few Good Men   by Aaron Sorkin Directed by Paul Campion  
The original stage version of the celebrated movie. Two US Marines are on trial over the death of a fellow Marine. At first, their young rookie lawyer is more interested in playing softball than fighting their case. But as events unfold he finds himself valiantly defending his clients and uncovering a shocking conspiracy. A gripping – and timely – drama that puts the military mentality on the stand.   9 – 17 June Book now

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