backstage support

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2023 season
We are looking for backstage crew, especially for set building. Do one show or several! Please contact us – see the Get Involved page.

shows and events


  1. Main house show dates begin with charity night
  2. On the first Sunday of main house shows, there is no performance but may be a different event.
  3.  If you want to be involved with a show in a backstage role, please contact the Director

From DateTo DateEventVenueDirector or contactComments
8/6/202317/6/2023A Few Good Men – Aaron SorkinMainPaul Campion 
11/6/202311/6/2023Music: RaieMainPeter Martin/Simon Tyrrell-Lewis
21/6/202325/6/2023Love, Loss and What I Wore – Nora and Delia EphronBarDonna Dawson 
24/6/202324/6/2023CASPABarBruce Wallace/Simon TL
7/7/202315/7/2023Gentleman Jack – Ross McGregorMainStevie Hughes 
14/9/202323/9/2023Things I know to be true – Andrew BovellMainJessica Ann Jenner 
27/9/20231/10/2023An Intervention – Mike BartlettBarColleen Batson 
12/10/202321/10/2023Present Laughter – Noel CowardMainRoxana Graves 
15/10/202315/10/2023Music: ZorbsMainPeter Martin/Simon Tyrrell-Lewis
9/11/202318/11/2023The Incident Room – Olivia Hurst and David ByrneMainPauline Armour
23/11/202326/11/2023There are No Beginnings – Charley MilesBarGillian Gissing  
2/12/20232/12/2023CASPAtbcBruce Wallace/Simon TL
7/12/202316/12/2023Black Adder – Ben EltonMainTony Jenner 
10/12/202310/12/2023Music: Southern AcesMainPeter Martin/Simon Tyrrell-Lewis

filmed and audio projects

Do you have an idea for a filmed or radio-style project? Get in touch with our Artistic Team. We need people interested in helping with filming and recording. Projects will use at least a basic kit of camera, lights, microphone. Some may use a green screen or more than one camera. For radio plays we need people to help with recording remotely and then editing the show together. We have people happy to help and guide. Some directors may want help with post production. If BLT purchases equipment, we will need a tech to check out this equipment, manage a stock list, check and clean it on return and manage the store.