staged performances – backstage support


‘Handbagged’ will be staged June 3-12, including Sunday 6th. We need a lighting operator, including for rehearsals.

We are planning to live stream the performance and record it for streaming after post-production as a backup and a new venture to enable us to offer a show to audiences who are anxious about coming to the theatre.

We will need a team of two or three in addition to sound and lighting operators. We will also need some rigging help before the shoot. During the shoot we will need someone operating a video switcher that selects a camera to use, another person operating a remote zoom on one camera and monitoring YouTube, and a perhaps third mixing the sound. Dave Jones will be looking after post-production.

photograph 51

Photograph 51 will be staged July 1 – July 10. We need sound and lighting operators, including for rehearsals.

william shakespeare’s ‘a midsummer night’s dream’

Pauline Armour, Simon Clark, David Evans and Debbie Griffiths, have joined forces as Bromley Community Arts Theatre (BCAT) to direct an open air production of William Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at Bromley and Sheppard’s College in the heart of Bromley to run Tuesday 20 July to Saturday 24 July. They need backstage crew, front of house volunteers as well as performers.

Ge in touch by 24 April: bcat@btinternet.com

youth group

We have technical cover for the shows for parents on July 15 – July 17.

world war 2 show

Terry Richards has put together a light hearted entertainment constructed around a medley of famous WW2 songs. The plan is to present it to a small socially distanced audience in the BLT theatre during the day. There will be 2 performances daily on June 15, 16 and 17 at 11-00am and at 2-00pm. We will need one person for technical support.

autumn shows

A programme of main house shows through to December is being discussed. The shows picked have top be small-scale, with minimal sets and capable of social distancing should the rules change. More details will follow.